The Statement of Purpose is also known as Motivational Letter or Statement of Intent. It is a vital tool in your application as it helps a lot when determining whether or not you strong candidate and be given scholarship.

Each scholarship program has its own goals and objectives. Organizations, institutes and governments when sponsoring a certain scholarship program have their own goals and objectives. In other words, there is no “free money” as funders know for sure their mission, goals and objectives set are met by looking suitable candidates

So when writing the Statement of Purpose, first and foremost is to understand in detail philosophy, goals and objectives of that particular scholarship. Those will help you to go along with funders’ objectives hence suitable for them as they want to use their money appropriately.

Special Note

Bear in mind that many scholarships are intended for people from Developing Countries with hope that after studies those beneficiaries of scholarships will go back to their home countries and work hard to develop their countries using knowledge and skills acquired in those Developed Countries. The worse mistake you will make in your Statement of Purpose is to say that you will continue to stay there in that Developed Country and live your life. You will be completely wrong since you are not compatible with goals and objectives of that particular scholarship, so
you will not be a choice for them.

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