Recommendation Letters

You are required to submit at least three recommendation letters. It is advisable that your recommenders (references or referees) should be either your professors and/or employers/supervisors in your work.

These letters describe applicant’s qualities in academic field and working environment. The letters should emphasize more on positive qualities. If the letters describe that applicant is not capable of pursuing studies in that particular field, even if applicant has higher GPA will not be considered for scholarships. In that case, make sure your recommender is the person who really knows you, you trust him/her and is having a good intention towards your success.

The Recommendation Letters should be professional recommendation. In that sense, the letters should not be written with a family, friend, colleagues at work or relative on personal basis.

Professional Advise: When Admissions Office requests at least three recommendation letters, please submit three to four letters. Two letters should come from your professors, and the rest from where you are working. The reason behind is, admissions officer will be in a position to look your strengths both in academic arena and in working field.

For more details on Recommendation Letters, Tips and Advice, please visit online at

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There are two main ways of submitting Recommendation Letters. These ways are Online Recommendation, and Paper Recommendation. In online, the admission office or scholarship sponsor sends a specific link and instructions to your recommenders. Make sure you write a correct e-mail address and inform your recommender that you have added his/her e-mail address as your recommender and will receive special instructions soon. The paper recommendation on the other requires recommenders to write the letter using official letterhead of the particular office where recommender is, and also have official stamp and send using the official envelope of the organization/office.

Read the application procedures for that particular scholarship to know which way is needed for that application. More importantly, make follow up to your recommender to know whether or not has sent your recommendation. Remember, your recommendation letter is the most important document required for winning scholarship.

“Since recommendations carry considerable weight in the admissions process, take the time to brief your recommenders about your plans, where you would like to study, and why.”[IF YOU WANT TO STUDY IN THE UNITED STATES, Book 2 ]

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