Master's course: Applied Ethics, Erasmus Mundus

Students from outside the European Union - third country students - can apply for Erasmus mundus Masters Course in Applied Ethics Scholarships.

This Erasmus Mundus Masters Course is offered by Linköping University, The Centre for Applied Ethics, (Sweden), Utrecht University, the Ethics Institute, (The Netherlands), and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department Philosophy, Programme for Applied Ethics (Trondheim, Norway).

Admissions requirements

General requirements for admission to the programme are a Bachelor's degree, or a professional degree (equivalent) covering at least three years of study.

The applicants must submit a paper in which they demonstrate basic knowledge of ethical theories and their affinity with ethical questions.

Students who do not have English as their first language must document their proficiency in English by submitting results from a TOEFL test or another internationally recognised test.

Selection of candidates for admission:

The MAE Consortium Selection Committee will rank the applicants and put forward a proposal to the degree-awarding institutions regarding preferred candidates.

The selection is mainly based on previous academic performance.

Selection of Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders:

The MAE Consortium Selection Committee will rank the applicants, and The European Commission will take the final decision regarding the awarding of the scholarships.

The main selection criterion will be the quality of the student's previous academic performance but the selection is also based on the criteria stipulated for exemple regarding geographical distribution of candidates.

Application: Closing date for applications is February 1.

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