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SIT Graduate Institute Preparing graduates and professionals to address global issues with master's degree and certificate programs.

Formerly known as the School for International Training, the SIT Graduate Institute offers graduate students a widened view of the world and opportunities for in-depth study of the most critical global issues of our times.

Founded over 40 years ago as a training center for early Peace Corps volunteers, the SIT Graduate Institute prepares students from more than 30 countries to become informed and effective leaders, professionals, and global citizens. Graduates of SIT’s degree programs go on to start nonprofit organizations, teach languages, become government and civic leaders, and achieve success in the private sector.
Through a combination of classroom and field-based learning in fields ranging from international education to international development to language teaching, SIT Graduate Institute enables students to transfer academic learning into real-world practice in the service of social change.

SIT Graduate Institute offers the following graduate degrees:

Master's Program in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

Master of Global Managment in the Sultanate of Oman New in 2009

MA in Conflict Transformation

MA in Conflict Transformation (CONTACT)

MA in International Education (Low Residency)

MA in International Education (On Campus)

MA in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations

MA in Sustainable Development

MS in Management

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

Graduate Certificate in International Education (Low Residency)

Post Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation (CONTACT)

International Education Workshops

Master of Arts in Teaching Programs
For Practicing Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (SMAT)

English as a Second Language in US Public Schools

English to Speakers of Other Languages

Application Process

Rolling Admissions
There are no application deadlines for SIT's degree programs. However, programs can fill early, so applicants are encouraged to complete and submit their applications as soon as possible. In order to be considered for financial aid, applicants must also submit financial aid forms. It is recommended that applicants submit all of their academic and financial aid application materials by March 1.

SIT does not require applicants to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test GMAT) or the Graduate Records Examination (GRE).

Once all of an applicant's application materials have been received, the Admissions are processed.

Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions will be immediately transmitted to applicants via email and followed up with an official paper copy sent by mail.

To ensure that you receive your admissions decision, be sure to provide your current email address with your application materials and confirm that your current email configuration (spam filters, firewalls, etc.) will not block emails sent from these addresses: sit@worldlearning.org , sit_admissions@worldlearning.org , and finaid@worldlearning.org

What SIT Expects of Applicants

• Professional experience
• Academic ability
• Career goals
• Cross-cultural experience
• Ability to work well with others
• Adaptability
• Ability to analyze cross-cultural and professional experiences

The Admissions Committee will consider all of these qualities when reviewing application files. A variety of methods are used to assess these qualities, including essays, past academic performances, references, and interviews.

Financial Aid
Visit the Financial Aid section for detailed instructions on how to apply for financial aid. It is recommended that applicants submit all financial aid materials by March 1. A financial aid decision can only be made after an applicant has been accepted to an SIT degree program.

Application Checklist
To help you get started, here are the required elements of a complete application:

• A $50 (US) application fee. No application will be processed prior to receipt of this fee.

• A 1,000 to 1,500 word essay, typed in English, answering all of the essay questions.

• A professional resume or curriculum vitae.

• Official transcripts from all previous colleges or universities (including study abroad programs).

• Four (4) letters of reference sent directly to SIT from the reference writers. Note: If a reference is received without a Personal Reference Form accompanying it, you will automatically waive your right of access to that letter.

• Applicants whose first language is not English and who did not attend an undergraduate institution at which the language of instruction was English must take either the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
MAT requirements
PIM requirements

A completed application form, signed and dated. You may download the Graduate Application, or Apply Online.

Financial Aid

SIT welcomes students from all economic backgrounds. Students commonly fund their SIT degree through a variety of sources, including federal and private loans, SIT grants and scholarships, scholarships from other sources, and personal and family funds. The financial aid office provides information on all aspects of funding an SIT degree.

Note: This information is for all graduate programs EXCEPT the International Education Low Residency Masters and Certificate.

We recommend that applicants submit all financial aid materials by March 1. A financial aid decision can only be made after an applicant has been accepted to an SIT degree program.Financial Aid Application Process

• International Students
• US Citizens and Permanent Residents

SIT Grants and Scholarships
The average range of SIT grants and scholarships is between $500 and $4,000. SIT grants are based primarily on need, and students are automatically considered for a grant when their financial aid application is reviewed. SIT scholarships have also been established to recognize students who reflect the SIT mission through their professional and personal lives.

If you have questions please contact:

SIT Financial Aid Office
Tel 802.258.3281
Tel 800.336.1616 (toll-free in US)
Fax 802.258.3500
Email: finaid@sit.edu

International Student Financial Aid and Employment

SIT welcomes students from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Though funds are limited, international applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid administrated by SIT. Financial aid is available to international students in the form of grants, work-study opportunities, and scholarships. In recent years, more than 70 percent of all international students received financial aid through SIT.
Financial aid applications are sent to all applicants for admission. We highly recommend that students complete the forms by March 1. A financial aid decision can be made only after an applicant has been accepted for admission.

How to Apply for Financial Aid
International students are eligible to apply for all SIT grants and scholarships. In addition, SIT offers limited work opportunities on campus. Students are encouraged to research and apply for all other aid sources for which they qualify.
To apply for SIT Financial Aid please complete, sign, and return the Application for International Student Financial Aid.

2008-2009 Instructions and Application for International Student Financial Aid
If your computer system does not support Adobe Acrobat Reader we will mail the Application for International Student Financial Aid to all students that submit an application for admission.

SIT Employment for International Students
The SIT Work Opportunity Program supports the part-time employment of international students who need the income to help pay for the cost of their education. A variety of campus employment opportunities are available each year.
Students with a work opportunity position generally work between 8 and 10 hours each week. The rate of pay for the 2008-2009 academic year is $7.68 per hour. Approximately 60% of students have work positions on campus.
Students can also earn the equivalent of room and board expenses by applying to be a Resident Advisor in the multicultural environment of the SIT dormitories. Resident Advisor applications are sent to students after they have been accepted. Selection is made by the housing office.

For more information on financial aid, please contact:
SIT Financial Aid Office
Tel 802.258.3281
Tel 800.336.1616 (toll-free in U.S.)
Fax 802.258.3500
Email: finaid@sit.edu


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Mark makes an excellent point. I am thinking about applying to SIT but fear a degree from here will limit me to opportunites in the non-profit sector only. My goal is to consult international business and make money. Any ideas?
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