VOLUNTARY ECOLOGICAL YEAR IN GERMANY -Cultural Exchange and Environmental Work 2009


The Voluntary Ecological Year ("Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr, FÖJ") is a scheme for young Germans to work for one year in different fields in the environmental sector. Since 2008 the Tanzania Solar Energy Association (TASEA) in Dar es Salaam together with the FÖJ branch in Schleswig-Holstein (a region in Northern Germany), have made it possible for two Tanzanians to take part in this scheme.

This year again, from August 2009 until August 2010, this opportunity will be available for 2 Tanzanian girls to work in Germany with the aim to further cultural exchange and the protection of the environment. If you are interested in experiencing German culture for one year and work in an NGO in the environmental sector in Germany, hesitate no longer and request your information pack and application form!

Further Information

For the year you will be assigned and work together with a young German participant of the programme in the same project. You will:

- Share ideas and learn from each other about your culture
- Experience the German way of life
- Improve the understanding of Tanzanian culture in Germany
- Learn about global environmental, economical and political issues
- Rise the environmental awareness of the Germans
- Take responsibility for sustainable development
- Work in educational and agricultural projects

Before starting the voluntary work you will take part in seminars in cultural preparation and a short introduction into the German language in Tanzania and Germany. During and after your stay you will meet participants of the FÖJ from different countries to share your ideas and experience. You will live in a host family in the city of Lübeck nearby your working place and live on a small monthly stipend. Travel expenses are covered by the FÖJ Schleswig- Holstein.

Download an exact description of the work and hosting projects here

What is expected from you?

If you apply you should match the following hard criteria:

- Female aged between 18 and 25 years
- Be generally healthy and fit
- Fluent knowledge of the English language
- Be motivated to learn the German language
- Be able to take responsibility and work on your own command
- Be interested in cultural exchange
- Have basic environmental knowledge
- You must return to Tanzania after the year and share your experiences with other Tanzanians

If you are selected to go to Germany, you would be furthermore expected to contribute a small part of the administrative and preparation costs in Tanzania to TASEA. The amount will be TSH 150,000, which covers only a small part of the costs we spend for your travels to Dar es Salaam, preparation and language courses as well as visa fees. It should be understood as a symbolic gesture emphasising your motivation. Obtaining the money can usually be done by fundraising, and we can give you assistance in this process.

Furthermore, in case you will be selected to go to Germany, you will be expected to obtain an International Passport as soon as possible, as this will be necessary for applying for a visa.

What you can expect from us:

- All travel expenses are paid for you
- We help you apply for a visa and cover the fees
- You are paid a monthly stipend in Euro
- Your accommodation in a host family is provided for you
- You will receive preparation and language seminars in Tanzania and Germany


Download your application form here

Download and fill out the application form. Remember to attach a CV and copies of relevant certificates, i.e. your educational achievments, former work experience and any other activities in political or environmental issues. Please note that the application deadline is the 17th of April 2009. All applications received past this date will not be considered.

Send the application either

by e-mail to info@tasea.org with subject: "Application FOJ"
or by post to:

P.O. Box 32643
Dar es Salaam

Or hand it in to our office

-in Dar, NSSF Building, 3rd Floor, Suite No. 3, Ubungo.
- Or in Mwanza: TASEA Mwanza branch, CCM building, 4th Floor, Makongoro Road
- Or in Arusha: KAKUTE office, Mjiro, Nanenane Ground
- Or in Zanzibar: ZASEA, Wireless Kikwajuni, Stone Town

You will receive a reply in roughly 1-2 weeks. If the reply is positive, congratulations! You will be asked to attend an interview together with other hopeful candidates in Dar es Salaam in the 4th week of April. Only two candidates will be able to go to Germany, and the decision will be made roughly 1-2 weeks after the interview. All further steps until your departure in August 2009 will be enclosed to you at that time.

Thank you very much for your interest, we are looking forward to your application! If you have any queries feel free to contact us at any time:

- You can call us: 0776032462 (Mr. Johannes Hahn), or 0754317158 (Ms. Olivia Lyimo), or 022-2451674 (TASEA office landline)- Or E-Mail us at info@tasea.org


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Femke said…
Asante sana bwana! Thanks for spreading the word!
we got more than twenty very good applications and looking forward to send the girls to Germany!
Sarp said…
You one of kind jamani.....Mungu akuzidishie kwa yale mema yote uyafanyayo