MA in Human Rights Practice Scholarships, UK

The Erasmus Mundus MA in Human Rights Practice Scholarships are for study at Roehampton University (London, UK), Göteborgs Universitet, Sweden and Universitet I Tromsø in Norway.

Programme length: 2 years
Number of places: 35
The Award: Students will receive a multiple degree award from Roehampton, Göteborgs and Tromsø.
Entry Requirements: Applicants need a good 1st degree recognized by the Masters consortium in a related field of social sciences and / or relevant professional experience.

English Language Qualification: International students will need an English Language qualification of either IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in all sections) or TOEFL 575 (232 computer based).
Selection Process: The call for applications will be made in July of every year and open for 6 months (closing date January of the following year).
This allows students ample time to obtain their necessary English Language qualification.

Applications are checked on arrival to ensure that they meet the entry criteria. Those applications that meet the criteria are carried forward to the selection Board held in January of every year.

Due weight will be given to the stated rationale for undertaking this International Programme, i.e. the ability to communicate clearly, the nature and relevance of prior experience and the manner in which international co-operatic and understanding will be fostered after completion.

Scholarship Information: The EU Commission will grant scholarships to highly qualified third-country graduate students and scholars—to students to follow a selected Erasmus Mundus Masters Course, to scholars to carry out teaching and research assignments and scholarly work in the institutions participating in the Course.

Students and scholars must apply to Roehampton University. The MA SEN consortia will apply to the Commission for Scholarship funds. Scholarships are paid through the MA SEN consortia. Graduate students would receive a grant of EURO 42,000 for 24 months study.
Scholar students would receive a grant of EURO 13,000 for 3 months study.
Deadline: 10th January

Further information:
Further information can be found on the Erasmus Mundus MA SEN website:http://www.roehampton.ac.uk/international/erasmusmundus/

Enquiries and applications:
Hilary.jones@roehampton.ac.uk orinternational@roehampton.ac.uk
International CentreDownshire HouseRoehampton UniversityRoehampton LaneLondon SW15 4HTPhone: +44 (0) 20 8392 3192Fax: +44 (0) 208392 3031
MA in Human Rights Practice Scholarships website - http://www.roehampton.ac.uk/international/erasmusmundus/

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