Study in Canada for International Students 2022

 Study in Canada for international students 2022 and beyond. There are so many opportunities for international students whether study through self-financing or scholarships to become permanent residents after their studies.

The Canadian government has issued the Mandate Letter with the immigration priorities. Among the priorities are more immigration pathways for international students to get permanent residence status through Express Entry. Express Entry: Create more permanent residence pathways via Express Entry for international students and temporary foreign workers.

With this new priority, Canada becomes the best destination for international students and those who want to relocate to Canada. At the moment, Canada has the following advantages over other countries when it comes to the international students 1. International students who go to study in Canada and have dependents like a spouse: The spouse is allowed to work full time while the principal student works up to 20 hours per week (part-time). 2. Postgraduate work studies: While countries like the United States give you like 12 months to 18 months for OPT (Optional Practical Training), Canada on the other hand provides work studies to the length of duration of studies. For instance, if you study a 3-years program, you will be given 3 years work permit after your studies. 3. Once you graduate, there are so many pathways for international students and their dependents to become permanent residents. They don't need to be sponsored by employers to become permanent residents. Just by your work experience, you can apply on your own. Thank you to the Merit-based immigration. #fullyfundedscholarships #scholarshipsforinternationalstudents #scholarships

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