Deadline: 1 May 2017

Open to: candidates between the ages of 23 and 32 years old
Scholarship Award: full cost of tuition fees, including any supplementary fees, required by your academic institution + one round-trip flight between your home country and the university, health insurance and a relocation grant


OFID awards its scholarships to qualified applicants who have obtained or are on the verge of completing their undergraduate degree and who wish to study for a Master’s degree. 
Through its scholarship scheme, OFID aims to help highly motivated, highly driven individuals overcome one of the biggest challenges to their careers – the cost of graduate studies. There are various fraudulent schemes whose authors purport to be OFID personnel or agents, or otherwise associated with OFID.


  • Must be between the ages of 23-32 at the time of submitting his/her application;
  • Must have obtained or be on the verge of completing their undergraduate degree with a Baccalaureate from an accredited college/university, or its equivalent;
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 rating system, or its equivalent;
  • Must be matriculated at an accredited university for the upcoming academic year starting August/September 2017, and must maintain full-time status for the duration of the Master’s Degree;
  • Must be a national of a developing country—please refer to the list of eligible countries. Please note that nationals of OFID Member Countries (Algeria, Ecuador, Gabon, Indonesia,  Iran, Iraq, Kuwait,  Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela) are ineligible to apply;
  • Must select a subject of study that pertains to OFID’s core mission, such as: economics of development (poverty reduction, energy and sustainable development), environment (desertification), or other related science and technology fields.

Scholarship Award

  • The Award will cover the full cost of tuition fees, including any supplementary fees, required by your academic institution;
  • The grant will also cover one round-trip flight between your home country and the university, health insurance, a relocation grant to help you cover additional costs of moving, and a monthly allowance for one year.

How to apply?

In order to apply please fill the application.
Please be aware that OFID does not:
  • Conduct lotteries or offer prizes;
  • Extend any type of loans or grants directly to individuals;
  • Charge any fees for: job, grant or scholarship applications; attending seminars and conferences; or before a legal agreement is concluded between OFID and a beneficiary of its financial assistance;
  • Have offices outside of its headquarters in Vienna, Austria;
  • Request for personal, business or confidential information as a precondition for any financial assistance it provides.
For more information please visit the official web page.

For more scholarship updates and information, visit MAKULILO SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION www.makulilo.org 

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