ISFiT 2015 takes place 05 to 15 February 2015.

What is the theme of ISFiT 2015?
The theme of ISFiT 2015 is "Corruption". Every year more than 2600 billion dollars are lost to corruption. This equals five percent of the world economy and its consequences reach well beyond the mere loss of capital: the power structures of society are altered, the trust in democratic processes undermined, and the stability of political institutions threatened. This results in a breeding ground for insurrection and instability, and is, furthermore, a global problem which hinders political and economic development. It may be challenging to create awareness of corruption. However, we believe that bad attitudes are what make corruption such a big problem, even in Norway. As such, we have chosen to focus on these attitudes in order to reach out to people; simply because everyone has attitudes, this focus enables the individual to become engaged.

Corruption will be subject for debate in the 18 workshops, which all have a different topic related to corruption. The festival theme will also be addressed by renowned speakers in plenary sessions during the festival.

Who can apply for ISFiT?
Everyone who is over 18 years old and are students when the festival takes place in February 2015 can apply to participate in the festival. It is also necessary to be proficient in both written and spoken English.

How do I apply to be a part of the festival?
You apply by filling out the application form. When you apply for the festival, you also apply for one of the 18 workshops which you will attend during the whole festival. We open the workshop applications from 20th August.

When can I choose which workshop to apply?
We open the workshop applications from 20th August.

When is the deadline for submitting an application?
The deadline is the 30th of September 2014.

When are the invitations to the selected students sent out?
The invitations to the participants are sent out 1st of November, 2014. Please note that after receiving an invitation, you are not guaranteed to be a participant of ISFiT before you have both your visa and travel information registered at our website.

How many participants will be invited to the festival?
Approximately 450 students from all over the world will be invited to participate in ISFiT. The invitations will be given based on the essays in the application. Good luck to you all!

Which fees do I have to pay in order to attend ISFiT 2015?
To attend the festival you have to pay the travel expenses to and from Trondheim and your city of residence, and visa costs. ISFiT will cover your stay in Trondheim by providing accommodation and meals throughout the festival. As a participant you will also have to bring your own pocket money, as events, food & drinks, shopping, etc. outside the festival will not be covered by ISFiT.

What can I do if I can’t pay for my travel expenses?
If you have limited resources and are not able to pay for your travel expenses, you can apply for financial aid. You apply for this support when you are filling out the application form. Here you will have to write an essay about why you should be granted financial aid. We encourage you to search for alternative ways to finance your travel, as ISFiT has a limited amount of money to offer.

Where do I apply for my visa?

How many volunteers are contributing to ISFiT 2015?
About 400 students from Trondheim are working voluntarily to make ISFiT 2015 the best festival yet. ISFiT is organized in 27 different groups, which are all contributing to the festival in different ways. Together, we all make up the pieces of the big puzzle of ISFiT 2015!

What are the Dialogue Groups?
The Dialogue Groups is a seminar where we invite student from different sides of a conflict to meet to share their experiences and discuss possible solutions. They are carried out on neutral ground in Røros in Norway ahead of the festival. Here, the participants will learn about each other, tie bonds across borders and make new friendships – all through the power of dialogue.

How do I apply to be a part of the Dialogue Groups?
In order to attend the Dialogue Groups you have to be a student from our conflict area. More information about this will come in August 2014.

If you have any further questions, please send them to question@isfit.org.

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