The Transsolar Academy Fellowship 2013 - "Connect Ideas – Maximize Impact"

Transsolar Academy 


The symposium "Connect Ideas – Maximize Impact" taught us about the importance of the "majority world" and “education” on our path for higher impact.

Therefore, we are inviting 10 young graduates primarily from the "majority world" to connect us to parts of the world where we have had almost no impact in the past. Our goal is to gain knowledge and learn about the possibilities of climate engineering in parts of the world where we believe the greatest changes will take place in the near future. We hope to increase impact by connecting ideas through our TS Academy fellows returning home and applying their knowledge.

Program Overview 

The Transsolar Academy offers a one-year fellowship in climate engineering covering tuition, travel, room and board.

The program will provide lectures, tutorials and project work. The comprehensive and practical training combines theoretical background with hands-on experience realized in form of project work. Students will not only work with and learn from Transsolar staff mentors and our partners, but also learn from each other.

When and where? 

The Academy will begin in October 2013.
The Academy will take place in the Transsolar Office.

Are you eligible? 

Yes, if you are: 

a) A highly motivated young graduate

b) An agent committed to creating a sustainable future From the majority world, or have a strong connection to it Fluent in English Yes, if you have: At least an undergraduate degree, or the equivalent, by 31 Aug 2013

c) A record of accomplishment and ability to meet challenges

d) A highly developed curiosity about building livable environments

e) An eagerness to engage with our way of working

f) A strong interest in exploring the possibilities of climate engineering in the "majority world"

g)  A strong interest in applying your gained knowledge when returning home An ability to tackle complex problems and develop creative solutions

Yes, if you possess these qualities:

Determination to achieve your goals

Yes, if you are seeking the time and opportunity to: 

Undertake or complete a project or field of study concerning the "majority world"

Connect ideas and exchange knowledge

How to apply 

The application process is now open for the program starting in October 2013. Submission deadline is the 12th of May 2013.

Click here to download the application form

Please send the completed application form to: academy@transsolar.com 

Please attach the following documents: 

a) Photocopy of your passport
b) Photocopy of your university degree, and transcript in English
c) Letters of recommendation

For more information about the Transsolar Academy applications process, please contact us at: academy@transsolar.com

SOURCE: http://www.transsolar.com/academy/


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