PhD Program for Chromosome Dynamics in Vienna, Austria

Welcome to the Graduate Program for Chromosome Dynamics

Genetic information, the blueprint for any living organism, is encoded by DNA. In higher eukaryotes, the DNA resides in the nucleus of a cell and is partitioned into linear units called chromosomes. The maintenance of genetic information and its faithful transmission from one generation to the next crucially depends on intact chromosomes. Failure to protect DNA from deterioration, impaired DNA repair or missegregation of chromosomes during cell division seriously compromises the fitness of any organism. Understanding the molecular basis of chromosome maintenance and dynamics is therefore essential for human health and fertility, industrial and food production, and plant breeding.

The Graduate Program in Chromosome Dynamics brings together some of Vienna's leading chromosome researchers to provide a stimulating and world-class training environment for those seeking to pursue a research career in this exciting field of modern biology.


The program is open to students who hold a Masters degree in the biosciences, chemistry, medicine, or related fields, or expect to finish their Masters' study within three months of the application deadline.

Application Process
All applicants must apply via the online application system prior to the announced deadline. All candidates must present two confidential reference letters by internationally recognized researchers. Selection of candidates is exclusively based on scientific qualification.

Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview with the participation of the faculty members concerned. Admission will be granted only if one of the faculty members is willing to offer his/her position to the candidate.

Selected candidates will be expected to accept the offered position in writing within 3 weeks and start within 6 months after the selection. Within the first 3 months of the thesis project, both student and supervisor can terminate the contract without further explanation (probationary period). Should a faculty member move to another institution, the student is free to move, or stay at the initial institution until the end of his/her thesis work.

PhD positions are for a period of up to 4 years with a salary of € 26300 per year (funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the two host institutions).

Criteria for Graduation
All students will be enrolled at the University of Vienna and must adhere to University regulations to obtain a degree. The official language of the program is English. Information for students on registering and regulations will be provided. In order to graduate, students have to fulfill these requirements. In short, they have to complete their practical work, write a thesis and complete the required courses, seminars and workshops outlined here. Students may only acquire credits (30 ECTS points) from courses recommended and listed by the program. Faculty members encourage publication of the thesis results in a peer reviewed journal and presentation of the results at an international conference before graduation.

Online Application http://gscd.gmi.oeaw.ac.at/Plone/application/online-application


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