Masters Scholarships at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Deadline: 22 January 2012

Open to: Academic excellence, shown by academic performance and may be confirmed by letters of recommendation from university professors

Scholarship: € 970 per month for food and accommodation, travel expenses, insurance

The University of Groningen has a long tradition in the study of international issues and development cooperation in the fields of international law, international economic relations, peace and security, non-Western demography, food security in developing countries and reproductive health, to name but a few examples. Long-term cooperation with a number of universities in Africa and Asia is a major constituent of this international involvement. The emphasis lies on improving education, training academic staff and reinforcing the infrastructure of these universities. Contacts with other universities in various countries, including India and Indonesia, are maintained by the faculties in Groningen. A considerable number of students from Africa and Asia follow education programmes in Groningen, and their number is increasing annually.

The primary objective of the Eric Bleumink Fund, established on 23 May 2000, is to provide financial support to Master’s students and PhD students from developing countries who wish to pursue a Master’s degree or a doctorate (see the first two columns of Appendix 1). for the names of the countries that are considered developing countries). This initiative will not only improve the cooperation between the University of Groningen and universities in developing countries, but will also raise the level of academic expertise in these countries.

- Travel to and from the Netherlands
- Arrival and accommodation in the Netherlands
- Allowances- The allowances mentioned are applicable in the Netherlands. The amounts will change if the student or researcher is studying or working in another country. Recipients are entitled to the following allowances:
• A living allowance of € 970 per month for food and accommodation for Master’s students. In the case of a short stay in the Netherlands, the University of Groningen will make lodging arrangements for this period. The costs of rent, amounting up to a maximum of € 450 for master’s students will be deducted from the living allowance. In that case € 520 remains of the monthly allowance for Master’s students.
• A settling allowance of € 275 for extra expenses incurred when arriving in the Netherlands. This lump sum is paid along with the first monthly allowance.
• Travel costs for the journey from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) to Groningen and back.
• A study allowance of € 310 per year for books and other study material.
• The expenses for the visa at the Netherlands Embassy and the Foreign Police Department in the Netherlands will be reimbursed.
• All tuition fees for the Master’s programme will be covered by the Eric Bleumink Fund.
- Expenses refund
• Occasional travel in the Netherlands in connection with the programme or research will be refunded. Such travel has to be approved by the supervisor of the study programme.
• In the case of excursions or field trips, extra expenses will be paid over and above the cost of standard accommodation if these trips involve at least one overnight stay.
- Insurance

Criteria for approval are: (a) academic excellence, shown by academic performance and may be confirmed by letters of recommendation from university professors; (b) contribution of candidate’s education in terms of strengthening the scientific capacity in the candidate’s home country; (c) perspectives to a long-term linkage between the home institution and the University of Groningen. Moreover, applicants should:

be nationals of and have their permanent residence in a developing country
have a good command of the English language
be in good health, so that health insurance in the Netherlands can be arranged
be available for the whole period of the fellowship and be able to take part in the entire study programme
have no other means of financing the study in question
In order to see the list of eligible countries, please click here.

How to apply?
Applications for student scholarships can be submitted by students from one of the eligible countries for a Master’s or equivalent programme at the University of Groningen.

Master’s degree programmes
1. First the candidate should apply for admission to a study programme at the University of Groningen .
2. When the candidate applies for this admission, he or she must indicate on the application form that his/her study performance is excellent and that he/she wishes to be nominated for a Eric Bleumink Fund scholarship.
3. If the study programme agrees with the candidacy for a EBF scholarship, they will send a standard application form including the motivation of the candidate to the Board of the Eric Bleumink Fund prior to 1 March. Per studyprogramme only two candidates can be nominated.
4. The Board of the Eric Bleumink Fund will take a decision during their meeting in March.
5. The studyprogramme and the candidate will both be informed on the decision taken by the Board.
6. If a candidate is selected the coordinator and the candidate will have contact on the details of his or her arrival. If necessary he/she can contact the Board of the Eric Bleumink Fund for extra assistance.

According to the programme you would like to study, there are several ways to apply for each programme (to see the application procedure, please click here). In order to download the application form with all the necessary information, please click here. Applicants need to meet the deadline of the Master’s programmes. Application deadline for the scholarship is 22 February 2012. If you want more information about a grant, please contact the International Service Desk: scholarships@rug.nl


For detailed information regarding the scholarship programme, please contact the office of the Ubbo Emmius Fonds.
E-mail: msd@rug.nl
Postal address: Eric Bleumink Fund,
University of Groningen, P.O. Box 72,
9700 AB Groningen, The Netherlands.

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