HSP Huygens Programme for Master's Degree 2010 - NETHERLANDS

The prestigious HSP Huygens Programme is open to excellent students from all countries of the world. It is aimed at talented students who want to come to the Netherlands in the final phase of their bachelor’s studies or during their master’s studies.

PhD applications can only be accepted from excellent students with the Croatian or Turkish nationality. Furthermore the minister has reserved part of the total budget for excellent students following programmes in Dutch language and literature, or Neerlandistiek.

The Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science has made seven million euros available for excellent students coming to the Netherlands under the HSP Huygens Programme. There is no fixed number of available scholarships. The actual number is determined by the total cost of the variable components of the scholarships.

New application round

The HSP Huygens application round for the 2010-2011 academic year will start on 1 November 2009.

Important: the complete application, both digital and paper dossier, must be received by Nuffic no later than 31 January 2010. Applications that have not been submitted digitally and on paper or applications that are incomplete will not be accepted.

Requirements for eligibility

.You are an excellent student: you have obtained excellent results in all your previous studies and you are in the top 10% of students in your study or research programme.

. You must have already attended a programme of education (e.g. high school or above) in a country outside the Netherlands.

. The Dutch study programme should be registered in CROHO, the Central Register of Higher Education Programmes. You can find this information in the Dutch nomination letter provided by the Dutch host institution.

. You should be in the final phase of your bachelor’s studies, or studying towards a master’s degree in the Netherlands, and your study must be used primarily to earn a degree at the Dutch institution.

. At the start of the academic year (1 September) in which you study in the Netherlands, you must be no older than 35 years of age.
Scholarships are only awarded for studies lasting at least 6 months, but no longer than 24 months.

. Your studies or research in the Netherlands must constitute a deepening and broadening of your previous studies.

. If you are already a graduate, you must have graduated less than two years ago.
If you want to do research or practical training, it is possible, but it must form part of your studies (a programme on the CROHO list), i.e. you must receive study credits for it.

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veronica said…
Does anybody know how many Huygens scholarships does Nuffic offer every year. I started the application procedure and everybody is scaring me that Nuffic is very selective and the chances are not so big... :(