The Essay Competition is open to current students and recent graduates in
economics, political science, law, literature, telecommunications, computer
science, information systems and related fields between the ages of 20 and
30 years old.

The winners of the 2009 Essay Competition will be offered the opportunity of
a consultancy contract within the ITU Development Sector's ICT Applications
and Cybersecurity Division for three months.
The winners will be given a contribution towards the cost of an economy
class flight from their place of residence. In addition, they will be paid
the sum of CHF 6000 towards living expenses for the duration of the

Choose one of the following essay topics to enter the Competition:
- Mobiles for Development: Enabling Low-Cost e-Applications for Rural and
Remote Areas (e-Health, e-Government, e-Environment)
- Protecting Children and Youth in the Internet and Mobile Age: Innovative
Technical and Social Solutions
- Connecting the World Responsibly: Empowering Women and Girls Through
Creative Uses of ICTs
- Personal Information Online (internet/mobiles): Responding to User Safety

Deadline for applications: 14 June 2009

For more Information and Application Process: CLICK HERE

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