BA and MA scholarships schemes for international students in Denmark

Scholarships: full
Deadline: 1st march, 2009
Open to: all interested students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Denmark

The Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship Scheme is open to highly qualified candidates studying for selected Academy Profession degrees or Professional Bachelor’s programmes. In this section you can find more details about the scheme.

What is The Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship Scheme?
Denmark warmly welcomes highly qualified and motivated students from all over the world. A number of scholarships are therefore offered each year by the Danish Ministry of Education to fund students from countries outside the European Union/ European Economic Area. The scholarships can be awarded for a full degree programme or for part of a degree programme at undergraduate level. The minimum duration of a scholarship is one academic year and it is awarded for full-time studies only. The subject areas which are eligible for funding are listed below.

Who can apply for a scholarship?
In order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship you have to be:

A citizen of a country outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).
Permanently resident in a non-EU/EEA country.
Studying in Denmark outside any established exchange programme or another kind of agreement, which waives your tuition fee.

Which academic disciplines are included in the scholarship scheme?
The Ministry of Education each year decides which subject areas and study programmes are included in the scholarship programme. In 2009 the following programmes are included:

Academy Profession degree programmes:

* Financial Management
* Marketing Management
* Retail Management
* Hospitality and Tourism Management
* Agricultural Science
* Process Technology
* Chemical and Biotechnical Science
* Production Technology
* Computer Science
* Multimedia Design and Communication

Professional Bachelor's degree programmes:

* Architectural Technology and Construction Management
* Bachelor of Leisure Management
* Economics and Information Technology
* Bachelor of Value Chain Management
* Character Animator
* Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology (not fully taught in English)
* Engineering (full list of study programmes)
* Engineering (study programmes taught in English)
* Radiography (not fully taught in English)
* Occupational Therapy (not fully taught in English)
* Physiotherapy (not fully taught in English)
* Social Work (not fully taught in English)
* Nursing (not fully taught in English)

All institution offering the subject areas which have been included in the scholarship scheme will be able to inform you about entry requirements, course description, language courses, accommodation, etc. Please read the information under the heading “How and when do I apply?” before requesting an application form. To read more about the programme and the institutions, please use the links below.

What type of institution offers the study programmes?
Academy Profession degree programme
An Academy Profession (AP) degree programme normally lasts 2 years (120 ECTS credits). The programmes are offered at Academies of Professional Higher Education ( Erhvervsakademier ) throughout Denmark. AP degree programmes combine theory with practice and are suited to employment in business and industry. The qualifications also qualify graduates for further studies at universities.

Professional Bachelor's degree programme
Depending on the subject area, a Professional Bachelor's degree is awarded after 3 to 4½ years of successfully completed studies (180-270 ECTS credits). The programmes are offered at University Colleges ( Professionshøjskoler ). University colleges combine theoretical study with practical appli-cation in a range of subject areas. Study is based on a combination of lectures, seminars, project work and group activities. Work placements are always included in the programmes, which prepare you to enter specific professions. Most of the Professional Bachelor’s degrees also qualify graduates to apply for post-graduate studies.

What kind of financial support can I apply for?
The scholarship covers annual tuition fees and a maintenance grant towards your living costs. The grant is approximately DKK 5,000 (approximately 650 Euro) per month.

How and when do I apply?
If you would like to apply for a scholarship, we would strongly recommend you do the following:

1. Look at the list of subject areas included in the scholarship scheme to find an interesting study programme, which you are qualified to apply to.
2. Contact the institution which offers the specific study programme you are interested in. The institution will then provide you with the application form. The institution can also inform you about entry requirements, course descriptions, deadlines and student services.
3. Complete the application form and send it to the institution you are applying to. Guidelines are included on the application form. If you require further information or guidelines, please have a look at the template version provided by CIRIUS.
4. Apply for a residence permit. Read the instructions below.

Please note that the deadline for applications at most institutions is in March (for entry the following academic year - August/September). However, please check with the institution you are applying to for exact dates.

When will I be notified about the outcome of my application?
The institution will assess all applications and send a shortlist of candidates to CIRIUS – The National Agency for Internationalisation of Education and Training. CIRIUS and the Danish Ministry of Education will then undertake the final selection. As soon as this process is finalised, the applicants will be notified by the institution where they have applied for a scholarship

How do I apply for a residence permit?
The procedures vary depending on your nationality. Students from outside the EU/EEA should note that they have to apply for the residence permit in their home country. There are also certain financial requirements attached to the process. You can find more information about residence permit in English on the home page of the Danish Immigration Service .

What are my obligations if I am awarded a scholarship?
If you are awarded a scholarship, you are required to follow the programme that you have been awarded a scholarship for. It is not normally possible to transfer your scholarship to another institution. If you do not pass your exams, the scholarship will normally be suspended, except for in exceptional circumstances, e.g. illness, etc. You are also required to submit an annual report with an evaluation of your study experience and stay in Denmark.

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