MA program in International Political Economy-Germany

Master of Arts in International Political Economy at Jacobs University Bremen

Program title: MA program in International Political Economy

Region and Country: Bremen, Germany

Language of instruction: English

Program description:
The MA in International Political Economy offers a specialization in the rich interactions between economic systems and political institutions. It is based on the belief that an examination of these interactions provides students with a better understanding of pressing social challenges and public policy choices. While the focus of the program is on current political economy issues, it also provides students with insight into the historical dimension of the globalization process. In cooperation with the Bremer Energie Institut, the program gives students the opportunity to become acquainted with the international political economy of natural resources and energy supply.

Program structure:

The program comprises four areas:

* The Common Thematic Area (M1) comprises two theory and two methods modules that are identical for the three MA programs International Political Economy, Comparative Politics & Sociology , and Global Visual
Communication .

* The Specific Thematic Area (M2) comprises three modules (Economic History, Political Economy, and International Political Economy). These modules consist of a foundations seminar and an issues seminar. Furthermore an additional foundations seminar must be taken from a companion program (Comparative Politics & Sociology
or Global Visual Communication

* The Optional Area (M3) is covered by any graduate course from the social sciences or humanities at Jacobs University (excepting the Research Colloquium; see M4 below).
* The Research Area (M4) is covered by the Research Colloquium that MA students are required to attend during their fourth semester of study while writing their MA thesis.

Link to the program website http://www.jacobs-university.de/ipe/

Financial Aid Offered:
Graduate program tuition at Jacobs University costs €20,000/year. Stipends and tuition waivers, however, are available to students who qualify.

SOURCE http://www.jacobs-university.de/ipe/

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