SCHOLARSHIPS WORLDWIDE (Find the most appropriate one & Apply Now)

§ International Master of Advanced Studies in Development Studies Scholarship
§ IRCSET Scholarship for Master and Doctorate (New)
§ The POSCO Asia Fellowship at Seoul National University (New)
§ 6 PhD fellowships at the University of Roma La Sapienza (New)
§ Scholarships from the Belgian government (New)
§ PhD scholarship at University of Aarhus (New)
§ Fujitsu Scholarship (New)
§ Ambassadorial Scholarships (New)
§ Masters in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management scholarship (New)
§ Masters in Sustainable Tropical Forestry Scholarship (New)
§ Scholarship at University of Leeds (New)
§ MERIT / ERASMUS-MUNDUS Scholarship (New)
§ International Scholarship at the Royal Schools of Music in the UK (New)
§ MTCP Scholarship for Masters and PhD
§ Malaysian International Scholarship for Masters and PhD
§ MBA scholarships at Queensland University of Technology
§ The ENS Lyon scholarships for Master
§ Eiffel Scholarship for Master and PhD
§ PhD Research Scholarships, NUS
§ Ph.D at The Life Science Zurich Graduate School
§ AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship for Doctoral Degree Sandwich Program (New)
§ AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship for Master (New)
§ ASEAN Research Scholars
§ ASEAN Foundation - AIT Scholarship (New)
§ The Netherlands Fellowship for Master
§ Doctor of Philosophy Scholarship
§ Master in Public Administration Scholarship
§ Master in Public Policy Scholarship
§ e8 Masters and Post-Doctoral Program Scholarship
§ Scholarship at The University of Melbourne
§ Japan Scholarship
§ Japan/World Bank Scholarship
§ Ford Foundation Fellowships
§ ADB - Japan Scholarship
§ New Zealand Scholarships

§ Chevening Scholarships
§ International Development Scholarship
§ Peace Scholarship for study in Australia
§ Australian Development Scholarship
§ Australian Leadership Awards Scholarship for Masters or Doctorate
§ Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship
§ Australian Regional Development Scholarship
§ Carnegie Mellon University-AusAID Scholarship
§ Curtin International Research Tuition Scholarship
§ Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
§ ICE WaRM Scholarship
§ AIT Scholarships
§ CIDA Fellowships
§ KAAD Scholarships
§ Sida Scholarships
§ Netherlands and AIT Scholarships
§ Norway Scholarships
§ Fellowships at Chiang Mai University
§ Researchers at Walailak University
§ Fellows with Asia Research Institute
§ Asian Scholarship Foundation
§ THE-ICE Scholarship for Master, Bachelor and Diploma
§ Masters/PhD Scholarship at National University of Ireland
§ Young Muslim Scholars
§ Fellowship for Visiting Scholars at Kyoto University
§ Changing Faces Women's Leadership Program (New)
§ Asia Pacific Leadership Program
§ AAUW International Fellowship
§ P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship
§ The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship
§ Animals and Society Institute Fellowship
§ International Scholarship at the University of Bedfordshire
§ Postdoctoral Fellowships - Singapore
§ The Abe Fellowship Program
§ The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship
§ AIFS Minority Scholarships
§ British Council
§ Commonwealth Scholarship
§ DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service
§ Fulbright Scholarships
§ Gilman International Scholarship Program
§ NAFSA Grants and Scholarships
§ National Security Education Program
§ FastWeb!
§ OAS Scholarship
§ Howard Hughes Medical Institute
§ ACM Graduate Assistantship Directory
§ Fellowship Listing at Yale University
§ Grant-In-Aid Essay Contest
§ Undergraduate Computational Science Award
§ American Society for Engineering Education
§ American Society for Mechanical Engineers
§ NACME, Inc.
§ Scholarships in International Forestry and Natural Resources
§ AJR's Journalism Grants, Awards, Scholarships
§ David W. Miller Award for Student Journalists
§ Journalism Scholarship and Internship Program
§ Nightingale
§ College Board's FUND FINDER
§ Scholarships.com LLC
§ SRN Express
§ Peterson's Award Database
§ NextStudent
§ ScholarshipExperts
§ BrokeScholar
§ CollegeData
§ CollegeView
§ Collegenet Scholarships
§ Warren L. Davis Scholarship
§ Aquinas College
§ Presidential Scholarship
§ Boston College Presidential Scholars Program
§ Charles R. Westgate Scholarship in Engineering
§ Society of Yeager Scholars
§ The College of Medicine
§ Morehead State University scholarship
§ New Mexico's Honors Scholarship
§ Niagara University Honors Scholarship
§ The Dorothy Lemelson Scholarship
§ Ramapo Scholarship
§ Southwestern Michigan
§ Troy University Scholarship
§ The University of California Scholarship
§ UCR Scholarship
§ University of Detroit Mercy
§ The University of South Carolina
§ Wake Forest University
§ Warner Pacific Scholarship
§ Tylenol Scholarship
§ Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Scholarship and job are posted at http://cambodiajobs.blogspot.com
ernest_makulilo@yahoo.com (Contact me for more clarification)

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Anonymous said…
Mkuu this is just brilliant! Ubarikiwe. I gat one scholarship, so I know what it takes. Kwa kweli what you have done is commendable!

Asante sana kwa niaba ya wote watakaotumia hii chansi...Iam sure they will succeed..why not bwana?
Anonymous said…
Hello its good to hear that at least someone out there is doing something to improve lives of ordinary Tanzanians.
I completed my form six this year at Ilboru and i got my own dreams to go study in the USA but the only problem is money could you in any way think of helping me with websites read to help undergraduates?Thanks big mate and God bless you.
Anonymous said…
I am a graduate from the university of DSM under the faculty of commerce and management.
My great dream is to have my masters in finance study in USA but finance is my great problem asI am from among poorest families in Tanzania.
Any one who can assist me obtain sponsorship or loan to persue my studyings will be appreciated forever since I havr tried in my efforts but failed.

Thanks so much.
Tito said…
Dear Makulio,
I have seen you on TV programme this morning and the information you have given to your fellow Tanzanians about Scholarship is very useful, BRAVO! Keep it up

I am also about to share the information with my fellow workers.

Anonymous said…
Hi Makulilo thankx for your efforts of helping Tanzanians and all Africans in general I just completed Bachelor Degree from a recognized University in Tanzania and i would like to get an opportunity to study abroad for Masters Programme since i can not help myself financially even to the universities here in Tz, please i need your advise for scholarships and the best countries to go.I would like to apply for MBA
Thanks a lot bro and be blessed always.
Me Nas.
Anonymous said…
Hi bro Makulilo, thankx for your efforts of helping my fellow Tanzanians in their studies i really appreciate I am a woman and just completed my bachelor degree programme at one of the recognized Universities in Tanzania and I would like to get a chance to study MBA in abroad and then come back to Tz please i need your advise to which country i should apply and the intakes available.
Thanks and God bless you for your good heart.
Its me Nas.
Unknown said…
Hello Bro. Makulilo, i completed my A-level studies this year and my dream is to do further studies in abroad but the ploblem is money, so please could you assist me so as i could get a scholarship.
Iam Watson Levens a student at university of Dar es salaam[2010/11],I just congradulate you for what you are doing.If all Tanzanians were like you,Tanzania could have developed.May GOD bless you in all sphere of your life.Its my hope that in near future I wiil be among students helped by you to get scholarship