Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Masters by Distance Learning Scholarships for Ugandans, 2015-2016

We are pleased to offer master’s scholarships for online masters to applicants from Uganda for the following online programmes:

·       MSc Human Resource Management and Development (now open  for applications)
·       MSc Management and Information Systems (now open  for applications)
·       Master of Public Health (MPH) (closed for applications).

Scholarships cover all tuition fees, course materials and examinations. 
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Masters by Distance Learning Scholarships for Tanzanian Students in UK, 2015-2016

In 2015/16 University of Manchester is offering masters scholarships for the distance learning programmes. Scholarships are open for the applicants from Tanzania. Scholarships are provided in Human Resource Management and Development, Management and Information Systems and Public Health at University of Manchester, UK.  Scholarships cover all tuition fees, course materials and examinations. For online courses you will need regular access to a computer with an Internet connection, as well as a basic level of computer skills. The application deadline is 10 October 2014.
Note: Open for applications on 1 September 2014.
Study Subject(s): Scholarships are provided in Human Resource Management and Development, Management and Information Systems and Public Health at University of Manchester, UK.
Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing masters degree level at University of Manchester, UK.
Scholarship Provider: University of Manchester, UK
Scholarship can be taken at: UK
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Master Card Foundation Scholarship Programme

This Program targets academically excellent, yet economically disadvantaged, young people in South Africa, SADC and the rest of Africa who will contribute to the transformation of the continent.
The MasterCard Foundation offers a full scholarship to students who have applied for and have been admitted to one of the following programmes:
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Monday, September 1, 2014

ISFiT 2015 takes place 05 to 15 February 2015.

What is the theme of ISFiT 2015?
The theme of ISFiT 2015 is "Corruption". Every year more than 2600 billion dollars are lost to corruption. This equals five percent of the world economy and its consequences reach well beyond the mere loss of capital: the power structures of society are altered, the trust in democratic processes undermined, and the stability of political institutions threatened. This results in a breeding ground for insurrection and instability, and is, furthermore, a global problem which hinders political and economic development. It may be challenging to create awareness of corruption. However, we believe that bad attitudes are what make corruption such a big problem, even in Norway. As such, we have chosen to focus on these attitudes in order to reach out to people; simply because everyone has attitudes, this focus enables the individual to become engaged.
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