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MSc programme in Logistics - Molde University College (NORWAY)

The Quota Scheme

The Quota Scheme for students from developing countries/ Central-and Eastern Europe and Central Asia was implemented by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Education in the autumn 1994 as a Norwegian Governmental Development Assistance Scheme to promote capacity building in the students' home countries, and at the students' home institutions, and to increase the participation of students from these countries in the process of internationalisation of higher education. The Quota Scheme covers the students' living expenses while studying in Norway, travel allowances according to fixed national rates at minimum student prices, support to cover fieldwork periods in the students' home country as part of the study programme in Norway, and additional family allowances for children when they are staying together with the student in Norway. At the moment the yearly support is NOK 85000 for students at undergraduate and graduate programmes (NOK 8500 per month for 10 months per year). PhD students obtain NOK 102 000 per year (NOK 8500 per month for 12 months per year). A major part of the support (60 %) is given as a loan, that will only be waived if the student is permanently settling down in his or her home country after completing the education in Norway. A minor part of the support (40 %) is given as a scholarship. If the student does not settle down in the home country after completing the study programme in Norway, he or she must repay the loan on the same conditions as for Norwegian citizens receiving loans from the State Educational Loan Fund. The State Educational Loan Fund is dealing with the payments for loan and scholarships under the Quota Scheme, but the nomination of candidates for the limited Quota Scheme seats first takes place at the Norwegian Universities and University Colleges in relation to their admission.

English Language Requirements for Applicants for Admission to Degree Programmes
Applicants for admission, with non-Norwegian/ non-Nordic educational background, to regular undergraduate degree programmes held in Norwegian at Molde University College, must pass either a TOEFL test with a minimum paper-based test score of 500 (or a minimum score of 173 on computer-based test or 61 on internet-based test) or an IELTS test with a minimum score of 5.0. For admission to the international MSc programme in Logistics or the PhD programme in Logistics, applicants must pass either a TOEFL test with a minimum paper-based test score of 550 (or a minimum score of 213 on computer-based test or 79 on internet-based test) or an IELTS test with a minimum score of 6.0. Applicants who have passed the course "engelsk grunnkurs" at one of the Norwegian Higher Secondary Schools, will also fulfil the English requirements. There are no English requirements for international exchange students invited under the ERASMUS, NORDPLUS programmes.

Exemptions from English Language Requirements for Applicants for Admission to Degree Programmes

Applicants from countries having ratified the Lisbon Convention (like e.g. countries within EU/ the European Economic Area), must document a minimum of 7 years of English as a subject from their primary and secondary school when submitting their application form. Applicants who have spent at least one year in the UK, US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, completing one year of higher secondary school or university/ college studies are exempted from the TOEFL/ IELTS requirements.

Exempted are also applicants from African countries with a BBA/BA/BSc/BEng/BTech degree where the language of instruction has been English, and applicants with a university degree in English language (BA in English). Applicants who have passed English as a subject at either GCE O- or A-level, SSC (Senior Secondary School Certificate) in West African countries, Cambridge Overseas School Certificate or equivalent national secondary educations in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Zambia are also exempted from the English language requirements.


Read all the information about the Quota Scheme here



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