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Bowling Green State University (BGSU), a university of approximately 20,000 students located in Bowling Green, Ohio USA (which is
located in the Northwestern part of Ohio, USA) has agreed to admit Tanzania students who show a lot of promise for building up the country
of Tanzania, by awarding tuition waivers to these excellent Tanzanian students who do not otherwise have all the funds needed for study at a
university in the United States. This opportunity is available through the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and
Development (GLC) and its Tanzania Project Advisor Karl Gingrich. Tuition waivers mean that they will grant the accepted students
$54,000 (USD) in tuition fee waivers for four years of undergraduate study. This opportunity is also available for graduate level studies for
those who have a university degree, not a diploma, under a similar program. Tuition waivers for graduate students are gained through being
accepted for an assistantship, which also usually carries with it a stipend for living expenses in addition to tuition waivers.

It is the responsibility of the student applicant to make certain that all of the following is accomplished. Those being considered have
kept in close e-mail and personal contact during this entire process. It is not the responsibility of BGSU or the GLC to keep in contact
with the student applicant.

Consideration will only be given to those students who meet all of the following 11 criteria:
1 - The student must return to Tanzania after completion of their studies, and work to develop Tanzania. The goal of this program is to build
up the country of Tanzania by providing higher education opportunities to exceptional Tanzania students. Its goal is not to create a pathway
for immigration to the US.

2 – The undergraduate student is expected to stay in the US for the entire four year undergraduate period in order to complete their entire
course of study. Any family obligations must be taken care of prior to their travel to the US. Spouses and other dependents cannot come
with the students.

3 – Karl Gingrich will interview all prospective students before they begin this process. All admission applications for this study opportunity
will be submitted and coordinated through Karl Gingrich, GLC Project Advisor – e-mail: Any other contact or
submissions will make it difficult and possibly impossible to process your application for this program. No other person in Tanzania is
authorized to recommend students for this program. However, there are some people in Tanzania who are aware of this program and they
can provide information to assist you in this program.

4 - The student must take a course of study which BGSU offers. The many courses of study can be reviewed on the web site

5 – In order to assess a student’s academic achievements and to determine their eligibility for this program, a copy of the student’s records
must be submitted for review to Karl Gingrich. These records are their national exam reports and all of their annual secondary school
reports, in addition to any other academic reports that they might have. For graduate students all the transcripts from their degree program
must be submitted. These records must show that the student is an outstanding student, meaning that for undergraduate studies they are a
Division One student in both A and O levels, and for graduate level studies they must provide evidence of a very high Grade Point Average
from their university degree work. The Certified Copies of student records can be submitted either in person to Karl Gingrich when he is in
Tanzania or by scanning them into a file and sending them through e-mail attachment files to
Bowling Green State University will be the sole and final determinant of those accepted into this program for either the
undergraduate or the graduate levels, based upon the original records submitted.

6 – At the proper time and when told to do so, the student must take the English language examination (TOEFL). For graduate level studies
the student must also take, in advance of their consideration, the GRE examination (or other graduate level test as specified by the BGSU
catalog.) These examinations are administered at the University of Dar es Salaam. There is a fee for these examinations. Other places in
Tanzania to sit for these examinations are not accepted and the results will be rejected. You can only take these examinations and
TOEFL at an official authorized testing center.

7 - After being accepted by BGSU, and when BGSU provides them with a US government form I-20, the student will be required to take
their Tanzania Passport to the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam and obtain a US student visa. There is a fee for this.

8 - The student will be required to provide evidence that they have funds available for traveling to the US, totaling at least $2,700 to $3,000 ,
for their immediate travel and student living expenses. You will be required to show this evidence in order to obtain a US Student Visa at
the US Embassy. These costs are broken down and will be used as:

a - Air transportation one way from Tanzania to Bowling Green Ohio. The nearest airport is Toledo Ohio or Detroit Michigan;

b - Sufficient funds to begin living and studying in the US; approximately $1,900 which is broken down and needed for: first
semester’s books cost $400; deposit on apartment and first month’s rent cost $450; first month’s food cost $100; first semester’s
medical insurance cost $800; miscellaneous school supplies cost $150. If you come without these funds you will have many
difficulties. There is no one other then yourself who will pay these expenses for you. Failure to come with these funds may make
it necessary for you to return to Tanzania immediately. You will use all of these funds at once upon arrival in the U.S.

9 - In order to pay for all of your on-going living expenses while you are studying at BGSU, the student will work on the BGSU campus.
You will be expected to work at least 20 hours each week and you will be paid for this work. The pay received from this work will provide
for your ongoing living expenses.

10 – The GLC will assist all the students when they arrive and while they are at BGSU and the GLC will provide advice and other support
for their comfort and safety while they are at BGSU. The GLC will not provide financial support.

11 – Those students who can pay for their own annual tuition can also apply through Karl Gingrich and we will assist them in the application
process, assimilation into the campus, gaining jobs to pay for living expenses, and an introduction to other East African students studying at
BGSU. The GLC will also assist these tuition paying students to gain in-state tuition fees which is a substantial reduction in the tuition cost.

This process for the selection of students for tuition waivers is a very long process, typically taking at least one year. Students who are
considering this process are encouraged to begin early. Students who wish to study in the U.S. are also encouraged to inquire at the US
Embassy in Dar es Salaam. There are regularly scheduled programs at the Embassy to help prospective students gain additional information
on study in the U.S. The embassy personnel are aware of this BGSU program.

For further information on this opportunity please contact
Karl Gingrich e-mail - gingrich@tds net 19364 CR 7, Findlay, Ohio 45840
USA telephone 419 387 7356;
(or by telephone 0754 069741 whenever Karl Gingrich is in Tanzania.) Read more ...


MA in Human Rights Practice Scholarships, UK

The Erasmus Mundus MA in Human Rights Practice Scholarships are for study at Roehampton University (London, UK), Göteborgs Universitet, Sweden and Universitet I Tromsø in Norway.

Programme length: 2 years
Number of places: 35
The Award: Students will receive a multiple degree award from Roehampton, Göteborgs and Tromsø.
Entry Requirements: Applicants need a good 1st degree recognized by the Masters consortium in a related field of social sciences and / or relevant professional experience.

English Language Qualification: International students will need an English Language qualification of either IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in all sections) or TOEFL 575 (232 computer based).
Selection Process: The call for applications will be made in July of every year and open for 6 months (closing date January of the following year).
This allows students ample time to obtain their necessary English Language qualification.

Applications are checked on arrival to ensure that they meet the entry criteria. Those applications that meet the criteria are carried forward to the selection Board held in January of every year.

Due weight will be given to the stated rationale for undertaking this International Programme, i.e. the ability to communicate clearly, the nature and relevance of prior experience and the manner in which international co-operatic and understanding will be fostered after completion.

Scholarship Information: The EU Commission will grant scholarships to highly qualified third-country graduate students and scholars—to students to follow a selected Erasmus Mundus Masters Course, to scholars to carry out teaching and research assignments and scholarly work in the institutions participating in the Course.

Students and scholars must apply to Roehampton University. The MA SEN consortia will apply to the Commission for Scholarship funds. Scholarships are paid through the MA SEN consortia. Graduate students would receive a grant of EURO 42,000 for 24 months study.
Scholar students would receive a grant of EURO 13,000 for 3 months study.
Deadline: 10th January

Further information:
Further information can be found on the Erasmus Mundus MA SEN website:

Enquiries and applications:
International CentreDownshire HouseRoehampton UniversityRoehampton LaneLondon SW15 4HTPhone: +44 (0) 20 8392 3192Fax: +44 (0) 208392 3031
MA in Human Rights Practice Scholarships website - Read more ...

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PRESS RELEASE (GREEN CARD LOTTERY-Apply October - November 2008)

Press Release

U.S. Embassy alert on visa lottery scam

April 20, 2007

The U.S. Embassy warns about recurring fraudulent schemes involving the Diversity Visa Lottery in which applicants are randomly selected for immigration to the United States. Scammers send spam emails pretending to be from the U.S. government congratulating the recipient that they have been selected in the Visa Lottery. A typical scam message is below.

These schemes often use a spoof U.S. government website. They may have domain names similar to government agencies, official-looking emblems (eagles, flags, or other American images like the Statue of Liberty or the U.S. Capitol), the official seals or logos of — and links to — other government sites, and list Washington, D.C., mailing addresses.

U.S. Embassy spokesperson, Jeffery A. Salaiz gave some tips on recognizing and avoiding these scams.
- Those selected in the Visa Lottery are notified by regular mail, not by email. - Applicants never have to pay any fee until they come in person to the Embassy for their interview. Any communication that asks for money or bank account information to be sent in advance is a scam.

- Do not click on to any websites in these scam messages. The act of opening these links can make you vulnerable to viruses or other malicious codes. Information about the Diversity Visa Lottery can be found at .

- Any questions about a Diversity Visa Lottery notification can be referred to the embassy at

Winners of the diversity visa lottery have to be interviewed. To establish their eligibility, they must provide proof of a high school education or its equivalent, or show two years of work experience in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience within the past five years. Those selected need also process their immigrant visa applications before departure.

The U.S. Embassy continues to invite those wishing to enter DV lottery, and ask them to submit online at (This site is only accessible during the application period. Application period normally lasts for two months only (October - November). Paper entries or mail-in requests are not accepted.

The text below is from a typical scam message. It is entirely fraudulent.

Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 5:04 PM

U.S Department of State,
Kentucky Consular Center, 1001 Visa Crest Migrate,
KY 41901-1000

Dear Winner,
It is my pleasure to congratulate you on your success in the AMERICAN DV2007 VISA LOTTERY PROGRAM which was applied and processed by our agency. You were selected as one of the lucky winners on our internet screening machine,for the DV2007 USA national visa lottery program. Your visa lottery winner's identity is ID-7200DV and your serial net visa passport with us is SNVPh700IU.In this respect, you are directed to forward the following requirements:

l. Your present contact address (for correspondence)
2. Your recent passport photograph .
3. REGULAR MAIL. You can also send your photo(s) by regular mail. The photo must be between 2 by 2 inches (37-50 mm) square, with the applicant's,spouse's, or child's name printed on the back.Please mail the photos to:

Immigration Services:
U.S.Department of State
Kentucky Consular Center
1001 Visa Crest Migrate,
KY 41901-1000.

Or preferably, you can scan them and send via email for faster processing.Clearance/acceptance fees is($989.67) Details of requirements:

Your present contact address should be forwarded strictly to our receiving correspondent Mr. James Peterson through his email address We accept Western Union Money Transfer as the ONLY payment method due to some reasons from our past experiences. (Credit card is not acceptable, please.)For information on how to send across the fees, please contact the Clearance Officer Mr.Brad Greenwalt through his email ( ). Your payment confirmation shall be sent to you as soon as clarification is done on your payment.

Providing the above requirements will assure you of getting your Visa Lottery Acknowledgement Card and Visa Lottery Security Code which we shall send to your email address.

Important notice: Please make sure you report and forward your Visa Lottery Code and Acknowledgement Card to the USA embassy in your individual country for your Green Card and other necessary claims.

According to the United States of America's Code of Conduct and Constitution Vol.176/866:Act 690SN guiding all immigration, and Green Card permit Agencies, Non-Response,14 days after you receive this message to your winner's status shall reveal "No interest" and we would in return, refer your lottery code and acknowledgement card back to the USA Government/Immigration Service Center. We shall be anticipating your reply soon.


Mrs. Magdalene Collins, Coordinator.
Executive Director.

Note: Your response/reply should be sent ONLY to the above stated Email network. This is for security reasons.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read more ...

SCHOLARSHIPS WORLDWIDE (Find the most appropriate one & Apply Now)

§ International Master of Advanced Studies in Development Studies Scholarship
§ IRCSET Scholarship for Master and Doctorate (New)
§ The POSCO Asia Fellowship at Seoul National University (New)
§ 6 PhD fellowships at the University of Roma La Sapienza (New)
§ Scholarships from the Belgian government (New)
§ PhD scholarship at University of Aarhus (New)
§ Fujitsu Scholarship (New)
§ Ambassadorial Scholarships (New)
§ Masters in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management scholarship (New)
§ Masters in Sustainable Tropical Forestry Scholarship (New)
§ Scholarship at University of Leeds (New)
§ MERIT / ERASMUS-MUNDUS Scholarship (New)
§ International Scholarship at the Royal Schools of Music in the UK (New)
§ MTCP Scholarship for Masters and PhD
§ Malaysian International Scholarship for Masters and PhD
§ MBA scholarships at Queensland University of Technology
§ The ENS Lyon scholarships for Master
§ Eiffel Scholarship for Master and PhD
§ PhD Research Scholarships, NUS
§ Ph.D at The Life Science Zurich Graduate School
§ AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship for Doctoral Degree Sandwich Program (New)
§ AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship for Master (New)
§ ASEAN Research Scholars
§ ASEAN Foundation - AIT Scholarship (New)
§ The Netherlands Fellowship for Master
§ Doctor of Philosophy Scholarship
§ Master in Public Administration Scholarship
§ Master in Public Policy Scholarship
§ e8 Masters and Post-Doctoral Program Scholarship
§ Scholarship at The University of Melbourne
§ Japan Scholarship
§ Japan/World Bank Scholarship
§ Ford Foundation Fellowships
§ ADB - Japan Scholarship
§ New Zealand Scholarships

§ Chevening Scholarships
§ International Development Scholarship
§ Peace Scholarship for study in Australia
§ Australian Development Scholarship
§ Australian Leadership Awards Scholarship for Masters or Doctorate
§ Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship
§ Australian Regional Development Scholarship
§ Carnegie Mellon University-AusAID Scholarship
§ Curtin International Research Tuition Scholarship
§ Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
§ ICE WaRM Scholarship
§ AIT Scholarships
§ CIDA Fellowships
§ KAAD Scholarships
§ Sida Scholarships
§ Netherlands and AIT Scholarships
§ Norway Scholarships
§ Fellowships at Chiang Mai University
§ Researchers at Walailak University
§ Fellows with Asia Research Institute
§ Asian Scholarship Foundation
§ THE-ICE Scholarship for Master, Bachelor and Diploma
§ Masters/PhD Scholarship at National University of Ireland
§ Young Muslim Scholars
§ Fellowship for Visiting Scholars at Kyoto University
§ Changing Faces Women's Leadership Program (New)
§ Asia Pacific Leadership Program
§ AAUW International Fellowship
§ P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship
§ The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship
§ Animals and Society Institute Fellowship
§ International Scholarship at the University of Bedfordshire
§ Postdoctoral Fellowships - Singapore
§ The Abe Fellowship Program
§ The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship
§ AIFS Minority Scholarships
§ British Council
§ Commonwealth Scholarship
§ DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service
§ Fulbright Scholarships
§ Gilman International Scholarship Program
§ NAFSA Grants and Scholarships
§ National Security Education Program
§ FastWeb!
§ OAS Scholarship
§ Howard Hughes Medical Institute
§ ACM Graduate Assistantship Directory
§ Fellowship Listing at Yale University
§ Grant-In-Aid Essay Contest
§ Undergraduate Computational Science Award
§ American Society for Engineering Education
§ American Society for Mechanical Engineers
§ NACME, Inc.
§ Scholarships in International Forestry and Natural Resources
§ AJR's Journalism Grants, Awards, Scholarships
§ David W. Miller Award for Student Journalists
§ Journalism Scholarship and Internship Program
§ Nightingale
§ College Board's FUND FINDER
§ SRN Express
§ Peterson's Award Database
§ NextStudent
§ ScholarshipExperts
§ BrokeScholar
§ CollegeData
§ CollegeView
§ Collegenet Scholarships
§ Warren L. Davis Scholarship
§ Aquinas College
§ Presidential Scholarship
§ Boston College Presidential Scholars Program
§ Charles R. Westgate Scholarship in Engineering
§ Society of Yeager Scholars
§ The College of Medicine
§ Morehead State University scholarship
§ New Mexico's Honors Scholarship
§ Niagara University Honors Scholarship
§ The Dorothy Lemelson Scholarship
§ Ramapo Scholarship
§ Southwestern Michigan
§ Troy University Scholarship
§ The University of California Scholarship
§ UCR Scholarship
§ University of Detroit Mercy
§ The University of South Carolina
§ Wake Forest University
§ Warner Pacific Scholarship
§ Tylenol Scholarship
§ Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Scholarship and job are posted at
MAKULILO Jr (Contact me for more clarification) Read more ...



· Volunteer with NCLO
· Volunteer with PEPY
· Volunteer with Globateer
· Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
· Volunteer with United Nations Volunteers
· Volunteer with United Planet
· Intern with advocacy lab
· Volunteer with Plenty International
· Volunteer with Atlas Corps
· Volunteer with ACDI/VOCA
· Volunteer with Action for Children in Conflict
· Volunteer with AidCamps International
· Volunteer with African Conservation Trust
· Volunteer with Africatrust
· Volunteer with AJWS
· Volunteer with AMIGOS
· Volunteer with Amizade
· Volunteer with ANIR
· Volunteer with Association of Voluntary Service
· Volunteer with Australian Volunteer Search
· Volunteer with Bangladesh Work Camps
· Volunteer with Blue Ventures
· Volunteer with Brethren Volunteer Service
· Volunteer with Burma Volunteer Program
· Volunteer with Canada World Youth
· Volunteer with Canadian Alliance
· Volunteer with Careforce
· Volunteer with CareTrek
· Volunteer with Campus California TG
· Volunteer with CNVS
· Volunteer with Claretian
· Volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions
· Volunteer with Dakshinayan in India
· Volunteer with Development and Education
· Volunteer with Development in Action
· Volunteer with DIVOG
· Volunteer with Financial Services Volunteer Corps
· Volunteer with Earthwatch
· Volunteer with Experiential Learning International
· Volunteer with Foundation Cabo San Francisco
· Volunteer with Foundation for Sustainable Development
· Volunteer with John F. Kennedy Center
· Volunteer with Geekcorps
· Volunteer with Global Crossroad
· Volunteer with Global Citizens Network
· Volunteer with Global Language Villages
· Volunteer with Global Routes
· Volunteer with Global Service Corps
· Volunteer with Global Vision International
· Volunteer with Global Volunteer Network
· Volunteer with Global Volunteers
· Volunteer with Globe Aware
· Volunteer with Health Volunteers Overseas
· Volunteer with HOPE International
· Volunteer with INFO Nepal
· Volunteer with Interactive Voluntary Development Network
· Volunteer with International Cultural Youth Exchange
· Volunteer with International Medical Volunteers
· Volunteer with International Volunteer Programs
· Volunteer with Insight Nepal
· Volunteer with Involvement Volunteers Association Inc
· Volunteer with International Foundation for Education
· Volunteer with International Volunteers for Peace
· Volunteer with International Center for Equal Healthcare Access
· Volunteer with i-to-i
· Volunteer with Japan International Volunteer Center
· Volunteer with Jesuit Volunteers
· Volunteer with Karen Hilltribes Trust
· Volunteer with Mandore
· Volunteer with Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers
· Volunteer with Mercy Ships
· Volunteer with Mission Doctors Association
· Volunteer with New Development Experience
· Volunteer with New Zealand Trust
· Volunteer with NVDA
· Volunteer with OpenmindProjects
· Volunteer with Oceanic Society
· Volunteer with One! International
· Volunteer with Partners of the Americas
· Volunteer with Peace Brigades International
· Volunteer with Peace Corps
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· Volunteer with Por un mejor HOY
· Volunteer with Princeton-in-Asia
· Volunteer with Projects Abroad
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· Volunteer with Right To Play
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· Volunteer with Saint Vincent Pallotti Center
· Volunteer with Students Partnership Worldwide
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· Volunteer with Travel to Teach
· Volunteer with Trekforce Worldwide
· Volunteer with True Travellers Society
· Volunteer with Twin Work & Volunteer Abroad
· Volunteer with VAE Kenya
· Volunteer with Village Volunteers
· Volunteer with Visions in Action
· Volunteer with Volunteer Adventures
· Volunteer with Voluntary Service International
· Volunteer with Voluntary Service Overseas
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· Volunteer with Voluntary Workcamps of Ghana
· Volunteer with Volunteer Service Abroad
· Volunteer with Volunteers For Peace
· Volunteer with Volunteers in Asia
· Volunteer with VIBE
· Volunteer with VSO Canada
· Volunteer with Winrock International
· Volunteer with Witness for Peace
· Volunteer with World Endeavors
· Volunteer with World Leadership Corps
· Volunteer with WorldTeach
· Volunteer with World University Service of Canada
· Volunteer with Youth Challenge International
· Volunteer with Etvo
· Volunteer with Youth With A Mission
Read more ...


Chevening Scholarships

A prestigious award to fund your UK postgraduate studies

Have you recently enrolled, or are about to enroll, on a twelve-month postgraduate course in the UK? Do you want help with funding your studies? Are you 39 or under and already experienced in your chosen career? Would you like to develop your career and become part of an influential global alumnus? Then a British Chevening Scholarship could be right for you.

What is a Chevening Scholarship?
The Chevening Scholarship Programme is a prestigious awards scheme that funds international postgraduate students who want to study in the UK. Funded by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and administered by the British Council, the scheme operates in over 150 countries and annually provides funding for over 2,300 students.

Why should I choose a Chevening Scholarship?
The Chevening scholarship gives you the chance to experience a world-renowned educational system. In addition, this provides you with the opportunity to experience UK life and meet other Chevening scholars. Once you become a Chevening scholar, you will discover many opportunities to develop your career and become a future leader in your field.

Can you apply?
You can apply for a Chevening scholarship after you have completed your undergraduate studies and have already begun a career in your chosen field. You'll be expected to show you have at least two years' working experience, with an excellent track record illustrating your achievements, and evidence that you will become a leader in your chosen field. You will also need an upper second-class degree or higher.

You must not be over 39 years old and must be a Tanzanian citizen when you apply.
You must have good English language skills (most UK Higher Education institutions require a minimum IELTS of 6.5 for admission onto postgraduate courses).

You are expected to show a commitment to return to Tanzania, where you will contribute to the country's socio-economic development using the new skills and knowledge acquired during your stay in the UK.

You cannot apply for a scholarship for undergraduate or PhD study.
How do you apply?
You will need to submit the following documents to us:

Application form
Curriculum Vitae
supporting letters from two referees
photocopies of academic certificates
Transcript/record of exams that you have passed.
Birth certificate (with translation)
The deadline for applications is mid-December every year.

What financial support does the Scholarship offer?
The scholarship funds most Master's courses, running over a period of twelve months in the UK only.

This scholarship covers:
a gratis student visa
all your academic fees
a monthly allowance to cover living expenses
an arrival and departure allowance to help with travel
a book and clothing allowance
travel costs to and from the UK.

For further information about Chevening programme please visit Chevening website or e-mail

Attached Application Form (Ona "sample yake")


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides a limited number of scholarships to the UK for Post-graduate study not exceeding 12 months in duration. Co-sponsorship or cost sharing of awards is encouraged.

The awards are aimed at potential high achievers. Candidates must have an Upper Second Class degree or above and should have at least three year’s work experience.

The maximum age to apply for a Chevening Award is 40 years.

Applicants should write to the Training Department, British Council, PO Box 9100, Dar es Salaam, and should give brief details of their age, work experience, degree held and subject of interest.

The closing date for applications for awards starting in September 2008 ends on 15 December 2007. Short-listing will be done in January 2008 and successful candidates will be notified and invited to attend an interview.

Because of the large number of applications we receive we regret that we cannot reply to all letters to notify rejection.


The Scholarship Scheme of the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Please complete all parts of this form in black ink or typescript andattach a recent photograph of yourself. Enclose two additional copesof the photograph, after printing your name on the back and signingeach one.

A note at the end of this form explains who will see the informationyou supply to us, and why.


Family name: (as in your passport)

Other name(s):


Place of birth:

Date of birth:




Number of children (if applicable):

Will any member of your family accompany you to the UK? If yes, please specify which ones and state how you propose to meet their expenses. Under the Chevening Scholarships programme, we cannot pay married or child allowances; any stipend you receive is intended to cover your expenses only.

Your address, where we should send letters:
Name, address of next of kin or person in your home country who should be contacted in the event of an emergency (Please state relationship).



Telephone number:

Telephone number:

Mobile number:

Mobile number:

Please tick this box to confirm that you have told your emergency contacts that you are giving us their names and contact details

Where are you currently working or studying?

If you are currently working, please provide details of your post, grade and main responsibilities.

If you are currently studying, what qualifications do you expect to obtain, and when do you expect to obtain it?


Please list all academic qualifications gained since completing your secondary education, stating the institutions attended, the main subjects of study, and when the main courses started and finished. Please indicate with an asterisk (*) those courses which were entirely, or mostly, in English medium – i.e. where the language of instruction or supervision was English. Please attach photocopies of all relevant academic certificates or transcripts, with accompanying translations into English if they are in another language.

Qualification(including class or level)

Please list all positions held since completing your secondary or tertiary education.



What qualification(s) would you like to obtain, and in which subject(s)? If there are alternatives to your first choice, please state order of preference. If you wish to conduct research rather than obtain a formal qualification, please state so clearly.



At which institution(s) would you like to study or conduct research? If there are alternatives to your first choice, please state order of preference. If you have no particular preferences and would like the British Council to identify a suitable instittuion for you, please do not complete this section.



Are you applying for a fully funded Chevening Scholarship?


If no, how do you propose to supplement your scholarship?

Have you already been in contact with the institution(s) of your choice?

If yes, please attach photocopies of all relevant correspondence (e.g. acknowledgements of applications and offer letters).

Have you ever studied in the UK?

If yes, were you in receipt of a British Government funded award or scholarship? Please give full details.

If you answered ‘yes’ to the last question, please give full details of the study programme.

Have you ever visited the UK on holiday or for other purposes?

If yes, please indicate when and what the purpose of your visit was.

Are you applying for any other scholarships or awards to study in the UK, to be funded either by the British Council, or by other institutions or foundations?

If yes, please give full details.


Please attach letters from two (2) referees (both of whom should be professional or academic) in support of your application for a Chevening Scholarship. Please provide details of the two referees below. If you are unable to attach letters from your referees, please ask them to write to us as soon as possible.


Title and name:



How long have you known this referee?

What is his/her professional relationship to you?


Title and name:



How long have you known this referee?

What is his/her professional relationship to you?

Please tick this box to confirm that you have informed your referees that you have given us their contact details.


Personal Statement

What are your reasons for applying for the course you wish to study? Explain how it will help your career and personal development on your return to your home country. Try to do this in no more than 250 words. If you are applying to undertake research, explain your research proposal at the beginning of your answer, and explain what benefits it will bring to your country. Be brief, we can explore the detail at interview if necessary.

Your Plans for the Future

Please provide an outline of your ambitions and career plan. How do you intend to ‘make a difference’ in your country? Try to do this in no more than 250 words. We can discuss your plans at interview.

Are you a Potential Leader?

Chevening is unique in that it looks for future leaders, who can use their influence and standing to bring benefits to their communities and countries. Describe your most outstanding non-academic achievement where you demonstrated leadership potential. It should involve other people, and it may be an extra-curricular/sport/community/professional activity or an assignment. Try to do this in no more than 250 words. We can discuss it further at interview.


Anyone applying for a Chevening scholarship should be aware of the following:

(i) Application: your application (including anything you add at interview or afterwards) should be accurate, not omit any facts that are relevant and not be misleading. If we find that there were significant effors or omissions in the information you have supplied to us in the course of your application you will not be offered a scholarship, or you will have your scholarship withdrawn or terminated.
(ii) Selection: the section process will be fair. No applicant will have, or should seek or accept, any unfair advantage. No member of the British Council or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will unfairly promote or disadvantage the interests of any applicant. If we find that you have secured an unfair advantage in the selection process we reserve the right not to offer you a scholarship, or withdraw or terminate your scholarship.
(iii) Finding a course of study: we encourage applicants to identify the course and institution that fits their precise needs, to apply independently and secure a conditional place on the course as early as possible. Many of the most popular courses at top institutions are filled very early. If you cannot or do not find a course, we will help scholars who are successful at interview to find a course and institution that fits their requirements. But if we cannot find a suitable course at a suitable institution (perhaps because all the places have already been allocated) then we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a scholarship. Our policy is not to allow applicants to defer. An applicant who has not secured a place on a suitable course will have to reapply again. You must not make commitments, especially commitments with financial consequences, until you know that you have a confirmed place on a suitable course.
(iv) Medical: We expect all applicants to reveal all relevant details in the medical form that accompanies their application, if necessary provided in confidence in a sealed envelope addressed to the Chevening Officer at the Embassy (or High Commission) to ensure your privacy is protected. If you are offered a scholarship it will be conditional on a further satisfactory medical report. If that medical report is not satisfactory we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a scholarship. If you are successful at interview It will be in your interest to arrange for your medical report to be completed as soon as possible. You must not make commitments, especially commitments with financial consequences, until you know that your medical report is satisfactory.
(v) Entry clearance: You must tell us when you apply if there is anything (such as previous convictions or associations with terrorist organisations) that may be an impediment to securing a visa or entry clearance to study in the UK. If we find that we cannot provide you with a visa for any reason then we will withdraw the offer of a scholarship. You should not make commitments, especially commitments with financial consequences, unless you are certain that there will be no impediment to you securing a visa or entry clearance to study.
(vi) Changes of circumstances: If your circumstances change through an event or events which were genuinely beyond your control, or in ways that are generally unexpected, you should contact us immediately. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that you can take up your scholarship, perhaps by providing extra support or finding an alternative course at an institution that can provide such support. But we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a scholarship if we feel that the circumstances are such that this is in the best interests of the applicant or the FCO.

Data Protection
Thank you for providing us with information about yourself on this form. We will look after the information carefully and use it to consider your suitability for a scholarship and to manage the application process. It will be made available to staff at the British Council and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It may also be made available for these reasons to co-sponsors of the Chevening programme, and to members of any panel that interviews you. If you are successful, the information (and the information you tell us at the interview and at other times) may be passed to external consultants to obtain advice on suitable courses or other training opportunities in UK. Your information may also be passed to UK Higher Education Institutions to help secure a place on a course in the UK. After we know that you have a confirmed place on a course we will ask you again for permission to use the information in new ways that will become necessary as you proceed to take up your scholarship. If you are unsuccessful the information will be held securely and destroyed in due course.

In signing the application form for a Chevening scholarship you accept that you will be bound by these conditions.

You also accept that we will use the information you have given us in the ways we have described.





Other documents attached to this form (please tick):

Form CHEV/2


Photocopies of academic certificates (and translations, if relevant)

Letters from two referees

IELTS Test Report Form (if relevant)

Form Med 100

Other (please specify)

Kind Regards,
MAKULILO Jr Read more ...





Internships, Volunteering & Employments.
United Nations Volunteers [UNV]
United Nations.




Green Lottery (US Visa)
Latest Info
United Kingdom - 2008 / 2009 Duncan Norman Research Scholarship at University of Liverpool
United Kingdom - 2008 / 2009 University of Plymouth Scholarship in Art History
Germany - 2008 Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH (GSI) International Summer Student Program
Thailand - 2008 Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation Scholarships in Social Science at Mahidol University
Indonesia - Program Beasiswa PPSDMS Nurul Fikri Angkatan IV 2008-2010
USA - University of Wisconsin Postdoc Position in Epigenetic Regulation of Neuroectodermal Specification
Netherlands - Wageningen University PhD Student Scaling and Biodiversity
Belgium - University of Antwerp Grant for PhD Student: Brain Hypoxia, Oxygen Sensing and the Role of Hemo-proteins
United Kingdom - British Inter-University China Centre PhD Studentships in Chinese Studies
United Kingdom - Hodgkinson Postgraduate Scholarships 2008 in Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University
Today's Most Popular
Germany - 2007/2008 DAAD Scholarships for Master and Doctoral Programs
Netherlands - 2008 Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) (administered by Nuffic)
Belgium - Ghent University Master Grants for Students from Developing Countries
Belgium - 2008 / 2009 VLIR-UOS ICP and ITP Scholarship Programme in Various Fields
Norway - 2007/2008 Norwegian Government Scholarship Pool
UK - 2007 Kingston University London Postgraduate Scholarships
Australia - 2008 University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS) for Postgraduate Student
Germany - 2008 / 2009 DAAD Scholarships for Master and Doctoral Programs for Indonesian Academics and Scientists
United Kingdom - 2008 / 2009 Duncan Norman Research Scholarship at University of Liverpool
Netherlands - 2007 The Netherlands Fellowship Programme at TU/e

Most Favorites
Germany - 2007/2008 DAAD Scholarships for Master and Doctoral Programs
Netherlands - 2008 Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) (administered by Nuffic)
Belgium - Ghent University Master Grants for Students from Developing Countries
Australia - 2008 University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS) for Postgraduate Student
Belgium - 2008 / 2009 VLIR-UOS ICP and ITP Scholarship Programme in Various Fields
Sweden - 2007/2008 Guest Scholarships for Advanced Academic Studies or Research
Norway - 2007/2008 Norwegian Government Scholarship Pool
Indonesia, Japan, Netherlands, France - Program Beasiswa PUSBINDIKLATREN Tahun 2008
Germany - International University Bremen Msc / PhD Studentships in Molecular Life Sciences
Germany - IMPRS PhD Fellowships in Life Sciences Read more ...


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· AAUW International Fellowships

· ACCES scholarship program

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· Acumen Fund Fellows Program

· Aerospace Russia Scholarships

· Africa Scholarship Program, University of Steubenville

· African Economic Research Consortium Awards

· African Fellows Programme

· African Graduate Fellowship, American University in Cairo

· Africa Thesis Award

· African Economic Research Consortium Awards

· African Women Development Fund

· African Women Public Service Fellowship

· Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

· Agris Mundus Master in Sustainable Development - Agriculture Scholarships

· Airey Neave Trust

· Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF)

· Alzheimer's Disease Research Awards

· ALJ Scholarship

· Amy Rustomjee International Scholarship

· Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship

· Altrusa International Foundation Grants

· Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program

· American Speech Language Hearing Foundation Scholarships

· Amity Teacher Program

· Amity Intern Teacher Program

· Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/ACLS Early Career Fellowships

· Andrzejewski Memorial Fund

· Art Moves Africa Grants

· Ashoka-Lemelson Fellowship Program

· Associated Board International Scholarships

· Aubrey Sheiham Public Health and Primary Care Scholarship

· Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation

· AW Howard Memorial Trust Travel Grant

· AWAM - Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance Scholarships

· AWS Foundation Scholarships

· Australian Development Scholarships

· Australian National University Undergraduate Scholarships

· Barakat Trust and Bakarat Foundation Scholarships

· Barratt Rotary Award - South Africa

· Bat Conservation International Scholarships

· Beit Trust

· Bentley Cropping Systems Fellowship

· Bernardin Scholars Program

· Birmingham Law School Scholarships

· Birmingham Law School Master's in Law Scholarships

· Boehringer Foundation Travel Grants

· British Federation of Women Graduates Foundation Grants

· Bursaries for Overseas Undergraduate Students - University of Southampton

· Broadlands Home Trust - UK

· Christine Bolt Scholarship

· CN Yang Scholars Programme

· Canadian Window on International Development Award

· Canon Collins Scholarship Programme

· Catherine B Reynolds Foundation Fellowship

· Centre Universitaire au Développement Scholarships

· Charlotte Conservation Fellowships

· Charlotte W Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

· Charles Pick Fellowship

· Chevening Scholarships

· Chinese Government Scholarships

· CIDA Conference Fund

· Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD Scholarships

· Commonwealth Foundation Grants

· Commonwealth-Grenada St. George’s University Scholarship Program

· Commonwealth Shared Scholarships Scheme

· Computing And Informatics PhD Scholarship

· Constance McCullough Award

· Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP)

· Courage in Journalism Awards

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· DAAD Scholarships Programme

· DAAD Scholarships for Artists

· DAAD Study Scholarships for Foreign Students in USA

· Dan David Scholarships

· Dairy Industry Scholarships

· Dean’s Prize Scholarships - USA

· Developing Country Literacy Project Support Fund

· DFID Shared Scholarship Scheme, Oxford University

· Directorate General for Development Cooperation Scholarships

· Dissertation and Young Investigator Grants

· Doctoral Research Award - Canada

· e8 Sustainable Energy Development Scholarships

· e8 Internship Programme

· EADB Graduate Scholarship in Development Studies

· East Anglia Scholarships - UK

· Echoing Green Fellowship Program provides seed funding

· ELCA International Scholarships

· Economics Management of Network Industries Scholarships

· Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Training Award

· Educating Africans for Christ Scholarships

· Eiffel Scholarships, Masters and PhD

· Electric Power Engineering Scholarships - Chalmers University of Technology

· Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship

· Elizabeth Nuffield Educational Trust Grants

· Elva Knight Research Grant (funding available to students in African universities)

· Emergency Small Grants Programme - UK

· Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program

· Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

· ENS International Scholarships - France

· ENS Lyon Master Program International Scholarships

· Environmental Management MBA Scholarships

· Equitas International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) Grants

· Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Applied Ethics Scholarships

· Erasmus Mundus Masters in Journalism and Media Scholarships

· Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics Scholarships

· Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for European Master in Industrial Management

· Erasmus Mundus MA Audiovisual Translation Scholarships

· Erasmus Mundus MSc in Photonics Scholarship

· Erasmus Mundus Scholarships Programme

· Eric Bleumink Fund Scholarship

· European Grants for Masters Students in Advanced Robotics, Erasmus Mundus

· European Masters in Clinical Linguistics Scholarships

· European Masters in Informatics Scholarships

· European Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics Scholarships

· European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies Scholarship

· European Master of Science International Health Degree Programme

· European Master in Vision and Robotics Scholarships

· Fellowship for Human Rights Defenders

· Femmes Africa Solidarité Internships

· Film and Fiction Scholarships

· Five College African Scholars Program

· Flemish Government fellowships

· Flying Scholarships for the Disabled

· Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship

· Friedrich Miescher Institute PhD Scholarships, Basel Switzerland

· Fulbright Scholarship Awards

· Full PhD Scholarships at the University of Padua, Italy

· Full Scholarships for Dundee Research LLM Program

· Fully Funded Prize PhD Studentships

· Funded Postgraduate Diploma Courses - University of Aberdeen

· Funded Postgraduate Opportunities, Waterford Institute of Technology - Ireland

· Gates Cambridge Scholarship - Cambridge University

· Georgia Rotary Student Program, USA

· Georgina Sweet Fellowship 2008

· Giulia Mereu LLM Scholarship

· Global Health Scholarships

· Global Journalism Scholarships, Sweden

· Globe Business College Munich Scholarship Programme

· Gordon R McCulloch Scholarship

· Graduate Fellowships in Innovation Law and Policy

· Graduate Scholarships in Reproductive Health Law

· Graduate Scholarship for Non-Japanese Women to Study in Japan

· Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards

· Graduate Women In Science Grants and Fellowships

· Grants-in-Aid of Research Program (GIAR)

· Great Lakes of Africa Scholarship

· Guaranteed Scholarships in Finance

· Harvard Law School LLM Scholarships - Scholarship grants

· Hauser Global Scholars LLM Scholarships

· Hayek Fund for Scholars

· HEC - EGIDE / EIFFEL Scholarships (Hautes Études Commerciales)

· HEC - Forté Foundation Scholarships

· HEC - Leopold Senghor Scholarships

· HEC MBA Scholarships for Excellence

· Helping Youth Through Educational Scholarships

· Henigson Human Rights Fellowship

· Highway Africa Awards

· Hodgkinson Postgraduate Scholarship 2008, Oxford Brookes University

· HTIR Internship Program - USA

· Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program - USA.

· Human Rights Essay Competition

· Human Rights Summer Institute

· Human Rights Visiting Fellows Program

· Humboldt Research Fellowships - Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany

· Huygens Scholarship Programme, Netherlands

· IAD Tuition Fellowship (Master's Degree Scholarship at Cornell University,USA)

· Ian Wark Research Institute Scholarships

· IATEFL Africa Scholarship

· IDRC Doctoral Research Award - Canada

· IDRC Internship Award

· IFUW International Awards

· IMD MBA Scholarships

· Institute for Humane Studies Scholarships

· Institute for African Development Travel Grants

· International Dissertation Research Fellowships

· International Erotic Art Competition

· International Health Policy and Management Scholarships

· International Fellowships Programme (IFP)

· International Foundation for Science (IFS) Grants

· International Master in Digital Library Learning Scholarships

· International Master in Management of Information Technology Scholarships

· International Masters Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science

· International MSc of Rural Development

· International Graduate Student Fellowship Program

· International Student Loan Program - USA

· International Undergraduate Student Scholarships

· Internships Available in Kenya, East Africa etc

· Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme

· Israel Association Of University women

· ISM Scholarship Programme - Tanzania

· IWMI PhD Scholarship Program

· Japanese Association of University Women (JAUW)

· Jean Claude Reynal Scholarship

· JEMES - Joint European Master Programme in Environmental Studies Scholarships

· John Bicknell Research Scholarship, Australia

· John Henry Brookes International Scholarships

· Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development Scholarships

· Joint European Master in Space Science and Technology Scholarships

· Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust

· Journalism and Mass Communication Scholarships

· Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

· Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Scholarship Program

· Jean Claude Reynal Scholarship

· Kala Singh Memorial Fund Sholarship

· Kenya Schools Scholarship

· Kulika Scholarship Programme

· Latin American School of Medical Sciences Scholarships

· Law scholarships, Oxford University

· LAWA Program LLM Scholarships

· Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA)

· Leiden University Scholarships

· Leiden University Fund Scholarships

· Leiden University MA Scholarships - The Netherlands

· LLM in Human Rights Law Scholarships

· LLM in Human Rights Law Scholarships - Sweden

· LLM in Human Rights Law at the University of Ulster

· LL.M Innovation, Technology and the Law Scholarships - The University of Edinburgh

· LLM Scholarships

· LLM Scholarship in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law - Ohio Northern University, USA

· LLM scholarships at Kings College London

· L. S. B. Leakey Foundation Grants

· LUMID International Master Programme in Development and Management Scholarships

· Lindbergh Foundation Grants Program

· Liverpool Law School LLM Bursaries

· M.A. Economics of International Trade and European Integration Scholarship

· MA in European Public Health Scholarships

· MA in Human Rights Practice Scholarships

· MA in International Relations Scholarships

· MacDowell Colony Grants

· Management of Logistics and Transportation Scholarships

· Mandela Magdalene College Scholarship

· Mandela Scholarship Fund of Leiden University

· Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

· Marjorie Dean Financial Journalism Foundation Studentships

· Mary Isabel Sibley Fellowship

· Masters and PhD Scholarships, Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD)

· Masters Course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management Scholarships (MESPOM)

· Master’s Fellowships - USA

· Master in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion Scholarships

· Masters in Strategic Project Management Scholarships

· Master of Law and Business Scholarships

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· Master of Nonprofit Organizations Scholarships (Mandel Scholarship, USA)

· Master in Law and Economics Scholarships

· Master's in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics Scholarships - Italy

· Master's in Law scholarships at Kings College London

· Master of Science in Water Resources and Livelihood Security Scholarships

· Masters Degree in Women's and Gender Studies Scholarships

· Masters in Quality Technology and Management Scholarships

· Masters in Security and Mobile Computing Scholarships

· Master in Insurance and Risk Management, MIB School of Management of Trieste, Italy

· Masters in Special Education Needs Scholarships

· Master PhoenixEM Dynamics of Health and Welfare Scholarships

· Masters Scholarships at The Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

· Masters Scholarships in Optics

· Masters Scholarships in Sweden

· MBA Scholarships

· MBA Scholarships - Belgium

· MBA Scholarships at Tilburg University - Netherlands

· MBA and MPA Scholarship by Management - Institute of Canada

· McAfee School of Theology International Tuition Grants

· MediaTek International Student Fellowship

· MIT Fellowships

· Moabi Stipendium for African Botanists

· Mohamedali Karimjee Trust

· Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS) - Australia

· MS and MBA Scholarships

· MSC Atomic Scale Modelling of Physical, Chemical and Biomolecular Systems

· MSc in Computational Logic Scholarships

· MSc in Environmental Sanitation Scholarships - Ghent University Belgium

· MSc in Public Health Scholarships

· MSc Fellowships at UNESCO - IHE Delft

· MSc Scholarship in Science and Technology

· Mundo Scholarship - Maastricht University

· MSc European Forestry Scholarships (MSc EF)

· MSc Scholarships in Animal Breeding and Genetics

· MSc Sustainability Scholarships

· Munster Musical Trust Awards

· National Water Research Institute Fellowships - USA

· Nelson Mandela Scholarships

· Nestle Foundation International Fellowship

· Nestle Nutrition International Scholarship

· New Zealand Development Scholarships

· Newby Trust

· Nieman Fellowships

· NNIA Scholarship Program

· NOHA Joint European Master’s in International Humanitarian Action Scholarships

· Novartis Foundation Bursaries

· Norwegian Federation of University Women, Ellen Gleditsch’s Stipendiefond

· Nyenrode Scholarship Initiative, MSc and MBA Scholarships

· Oak Foundation Grants

· Occupational Health and Safety Scholarships

· Olive Stone Law School Scholarships

· Olive W Garvey Fellowship

· ORS Awards for Mphil/PhD students

· Oxford Brookes MBA Scholarships

· P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund

· PhD Research Studentship Hydrodynamics

· PhD Scholarship - Scotland

· PhD scholarships - Ghent University Belgium

· Scholarships and Awards for International Undergraduate Students at Trent University Canada

· PhD scholarships for candidates from developing countries

· PhD Scholarships in International Studies - University of Trento, Italy

· Phenomena Academy Writing Scholarship

· Pilot International Foundation Scholarships

· Policy and Management Scholarships

· Postdoc fellowships to non-EU researchers - Belgium

· Post-doctoral Fellowships at National Institute for Agricultural Research

· Post Graduate Fellowships for Sub-Saharan Africa Nationals

· Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Italy, Università degli Studi di Torino

· Postgraduate Research Studentship Opportunities at University of Liverpool

· Postgraduate Funded Studentship

· Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation

· Program Administrator West Africa

· Project grant

· Refugee Academic Grants

· Refugee and Asylum Seeker Scholarships

· Researcher Exchange Programme

· Research Scientists, Nairobi - Kenya

· Research Scholarship - Practice-led PhD in the Arts

· Research Scholarships for Lawyers from Developing Countries and Countries in Economic Transition

· Roothbert Fund scholarships

· Rosalind Franklin Fellowships at University of Groningen - Germany

· Rhodes Scholarships

· Rufford Small Grant For Nature Conservation

· Sarojini Naidu Memorial Scholarship

· Research Scholarships for Lawyers

· Satter Human Rights Fellowships

· Sauve Scholars, McGill University, Montreal Canada.

· Scholar Rescue Fund Fellowships

· Scholarships and Awards for International Undergraduate Students at Trent University Canada

· Scholarships and Grants

· Scholarships for Refugees

· Scottish International Scholarship Programme

· SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

· Scholarship for study in Finland

· Scholarships in Rehabilitation and Related Research for Graduate Students with Disabilities

· Sheikh Kamal Adham Fellowship

· Shell Centenary Scholarships, UK and Netherlands

· Small Grants and Fellowships

· Sofja Kovalevskaja Award

· South African Association of Women Graduates (SAAWG)

· Student Credit Cards

· Special Overseas Student Scholarship, Australia

· Spencer Dissertation Fellowships for Research Related to Education

· Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships
Studentships for MPhil and PhD Studies at The University of Hong Kong
Sustainable Tropical Forestry Erasmus Mundus Masters Course Scholarships

· Swiss Association of University Women Fellowship

· Swiss Government Scholarships

· Swiss Management Center Master and Doctoral Scholarships

· TC Beirne School of Law LLM Scholarships

· TU/E Scholarships

· The Duncan Norman Research Scholarship

· The Ethel de Keyser Scholarships Fund

· The European Masters Program in Computational Logic

· The Google 2006 Australia Anita Borg Scholarship

· The Guest Scholarship Programme

· The Hodgkin Scholarship

· The Hodgson Law Scholarships, LLM Scholarships, University of Liverpool UK

· The Lourdes Arizpe Award

· The Rex Collings Memorial Fund

· The School for Field Studies Internships

· Theodora Bosanquet Bursary

· Theology Scholarships

· Travel Grants

· TU/e Talent Scholarship Program

· Tumaini Scholarship for Vocational Training

· TWAS Grants for Scientific Meetings in Developing Countries

· TWOWS Postgraduate Training Fellowships

· Urban Studies Scholarships

· Undergraduate Music Scholarships, Leicester University, UK

· Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taiwan Scholarships

· United Nations International Law Fellowship Programme

· United Nations Internship - Nairobi.

· University of Canterbury Doctoral and Masters Scholarships - New Zealand

· University of Edinburgh International Master's Scholarships

· University of Leeds Shell Centenary Scholarships

· University of Edinburgh Shell Centenary Scholarships

· Victor Rothschild Fellowships at AIMS

· Victoria Masters by Thesis & PhD Scholarships

· Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad Grants

· Wenner Gren Foundation Grants

· Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Graduate Scholarship Program

· Wildlife Conservation Society Grants

· Women in Business Scholarships

· Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies

· Wolfson Press Fellowship

· Woodson Fellowships - USA

· Women's Leadership Scholarship(NLS)

· Women Trust Scholarships

· World Council of Churches Scholarships Programme

· World Habitat Awards

· World Press Photo Contest

· Young Communicators Fund

· Young Women in Public Affairs Awards

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